Kickstarter Watch: Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS This little gem just came across my radar and I wanted to give it a plug. A new Stand alone product from Steve Jackson Games. Dungeon Fantasy, and it will be powered by the GURPS engine. The cult classic GURPS is a wonderfully done game system gives you pretty much unlimited options for character development. Dungeon Fantasy is going to be built off of … Continue reading Kickstarter Watch: Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS

Head of State

The party sets camp for the night and while foraging for food encounters an abandoned sanctuary with pillars and hanging garden structures. Scattered about are exquisite statues in various poses. Oddly the statues are from all classes. Peasant to Noble and Adventure alike. The players have walked into the lair of a Medusa. If the players survive they will note one of the statues if … Continue reading Head of State