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Monster Manual Reviewed.. And I am Jealous.

Not having my hands on this book yet is killing me almost as much as not having the DMG.. Maybe more. But until then here is an awesome review on the MM.  After reading it I have the itch...I Do not know how much longer I can wait for my copy !


#RPGaDay 26 Coolest character sheet

  Well I have this one picked hands down. Glen Angus put out a series of Character covers before he passed away. There were more than 75 sheets in the collection. Years ago I lost the file that were on a laptop. And to this day I have been trying to track the collection down… Continue reading #RPGaDay 26 Coolest character sheet

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D&D goes back to Basic .. Is it worth it ?

I Know Many people have done a write up on the Free PDF and the box set already.  But I wanted to take some time. Let it soak in and really decide if It was a good product or if it was my excitement about a new edition finally making it to print that was… Continue reading D&D goes back to Basic .. Is it worth it ?