Free RPG’s

I am a huge fan of promoting RPG Games. But over the years I have heard time and time again statements like. ” I would love to play more RPG’s but I just can’t afford it.” Well, look no further. With SRD’s full web pages and many sites allowing games to list their products as Pay what you want. There are tons of RPG’s out there to get your hands on. This page will become a repository for my list of Free RPG’s   ENJOY!.
Feel free to comment and add to the list. Check back frequently as the is list will grow. As the list is larger.
Sorry, this list is not in any sorted order.

This list is a list of Free to play RPG’s  These are not Quickstart rules. I will put a list of quick start rules systems later. 

Basic Dungeons & Dragons:  5E Rules A must Try! 
3.5 D&D:   By some considered to be the revival of the Game
D20 SRD:   Hundreds of systems use this mechanic
D20 Modern SRD
:  Menace Future & Urban
D20 Hero SRD
: 3rd Ed Mutants and Masterminds
Traveller SRD
: A classic science fiction game.
Pathfinder:   Based on the 3.5 rules
PFModern SRD
:  A modern take on Pathfinder Like D20Mod
FATE:   Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment”
Open D6:  Adventure, Fantasy & Space Rules
G.U.R.P.S Lite:   Generic Universal Role Playing System
13th Age:   “open” d20-based tabletop fantasy RPG
Ars Magica 4th:   
set in ‘Mythic Europe’
Labyrinth Lord
:    closer to 1st/2nd ed fantasy than most competitors
Sword & Wizardry:  1st Ed Retro Clone
Dungeon World:    Collaborative Storytelling adventure
Hackmaster Basic: Get Hacking!
SpyCraft 2.0 SRD: Spycraft!










  1. Dark City Games has a free reimplementation of Metagaming’s The Fantasy Trip from the early 1980’s. They have several free adventures and a good number (I think about 20) of printed adventures for a number of different genres.


  2. The link you have for Traveller D20 is not the D20 edition of the rules, but reads like Mongoose Publishing’s 1st edition (which is 2d6-based not d20-based, as are most Traveller editions.)

    I wrote up my own links of free RPGs if you’re interested in seeing it. Contact me.


    • Hey, Pierre I saw this back when you posted and checked it out. Not sure what I had done there because you are indeed right it was not the D20 edition. I corrected my info and thank you for pointing out the error! As to your list of free RPG’s I would be more than happy to sharing your links as well! This list is here for everyone and the more comprehensive the better!


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