Figure of the Week: Alain, Iconic Cavalier

Alain, Iconic Cavalier

Today’s figure is Reaper Pathfinder Alain, iconic cavalier. He is wearing full plate, wielding a sword, carrying another sword, dagger, shield and a standard.

I painted him for a friend on commission, for a character that he is playing currently. I think that he turned out alright.

It took me forever to find out who he was because I was looking for a fighter not a cavalier. Once I searched under cavalier, I found him right off.


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Figure of the Week: Doom Demon

Doom Demon

Today’s figure is the pink demon from Doom. I painted it to look like an undead version of the original game monster. It appears to be a medium-sized Minotaur, with a hunched back (with protruding spine), overlarge head and three-toed feet.

The closest Pathfinder creature that I could find to this is the classic Minotaur. Below are similar links:

Zombie (3.5 ed)

Minotaur Race


I will work on creating my own version of this iconic monster from Doom. It will be medium sized, primitive and undead. They only use natural weapons: bite (mostly), gore and maybe claw.  They are of limited intelligence, demonic, killing machines.


Figure of the Week: Human Mage

Human Mage

Today’s Figure is a Human mage/sorcerer (could also be a thief or ranger). I decided to paint him like a flamboyant thief under his cloak. He is holding a bottle or tube, perhaps its a potion. He is wearing a medallion, cloak and dagger or wand at his belt. It appears that he drank a potion and is casting a spell.

I couldn’t find out who the manufacturer is, but I’ll keep researching.


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Figure of the Week: Troglodyte


Today’s figure is a Wiz kids (Mage Knight) Trog figure. He is wearing a loincloth, a bone necklace and wielding a stone axe.

I rebased this figure to be used for Pathfinder as a Troglodyte, because its original base would be considered large. I also slightly repainted him so it looks like he has algae on his skin.

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Figure of the Week: Mousling Heroes–Tonsure

Tonsure–Mousling Cleric

Today’s figure is a Reaper Mousling Hero, Tonsure. He is wearing a hooded robe, and wielding a staff. He is a simple figure and easy to paint.

Here are some classes that could work for this character:

Homebrew Class: Friar (Pathfinder)

Old Guard Gaming: The Friar (needs updating from Greyhawk)

These are close but so far nothing that I’ve found quite fits, so I’m going to combine a cleric and brawler to make a friar. Come back to visit to see this new class.

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Figure of the Week: Trick or Treat Mouselings

Trick or Treat Mouselings

Today’s figures are Reaper Dark Heaven Legends: Trick or Treat Mouselings. They are dressed as a witch and a ghost. These are some of my favorite figures, I like all Mouselings. They are so easy to paint.


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