Kickstarter Watch: Dungeon Fantasy Powered by GURPS

This little gem just came across my radar and I wanted to give it a plug. A new Stand alone product from Steve Jackson Games. Dungeon Fantasy, and it will be powered by the GURPS engine.
The cult classic GURPS is a wonderfully done game system gives you pretty much unlimited options for character development. Dungeon Fantasy is going to be built off of 30 years of GURPS development as well as 10 years of feedback on the Fantasy setting alone. This will be GURPS done Fantasy done spot on.

So what will the will it offer ?  In addition to cardboard standies maps Dice and full color books it will offer the following.

  • Adventurers (128 pages). GURPS is famous for letting you play any character you can imagine. Dungeon Fantasy keeps this flexibility while trimming away unnecessary details, concentrating on just what matters to monster-slaying, treasure-hunting action: Pick from 11 classic professions and nine playable races, customize your alter-ego using quick-start templates and a powerful point-build system, and gear up with an equipment list that offers dozens of weapons and lets you assemble exactly the suit of armor that fits your image.
  • Exploits (112 pages). Learn how the heroes actually use their abilities and gear. That means combat, of course – and dozens of other activities, whether your thing is sneaking around, swinging from the scenery, exorcizing evil, or getting rich through cunning deals in town. This book also describes countless bad things that can befall adventurers (poison, traps, dismemberment, lava pits . . .), as well as good things, namely loot. And it’s full of practical advice to the Game Master who leads this three-ring circus: challenging the players, keeping the action moving, settling arguments, and much more.
  • Spells (80 pages). What would fantasy be without magic? Adventurers features four spellcasting professions (bard, cleric, druid, and wizard), and this volume describes over 400 spells to help you customize them. It also includes complete rules for how spells work – whether their power comes from the gods, Nature, or creepy tomes of forbidden wizardly knowledge.
  • Monsters (64 pages). Once the adventurers are ready, and armed with weapons and magic, it’s time to test their mettle! This catalog starts you out with more than 80 things that want to bite, claw, grab, sting, and curse the heroes – not just the predictable orcs and zombies, but also several Dungeon Fantasy originals. Each offers notes on tactics and variants, and the whole collection comes with advice and rules for adventurers dealing with monsters . . . and monsters dealing with adventurers.
  • Dungeon (24 pages). I Smell a Rat is a simple (but not simplistic!) quest designed to show new gamers the ropes. Like any classic hack ‘n’ slash adventure, it starts at the inn. From there, the heroes will find themselves facing traps, enemies, and unexpected twists – and finding treasure, although not necessarily gold and silver. Advice and “adventure hooks” let the Game Master challenge advanced players or spin the tale into a series of adventures.

My thoughts are very good about this project. Heck I think it will be amazing! They will be giving it the treatment they have been giving all of their setting books over 30 years! You do not become one of the longest standing cult classic games because you do not do good work. GUPRS is an amazing system and if you have not played it and you are into fantasy games but you have grown tired of D20 systems. Go out and give this solid system a shot. I would bet money you will be impressed.

Personally some of my all time favorite RPG characters from fantasy games have come from GURPS. I also think that GURPS Magic is one of the best magic systems that has ever graced the gaming table. I look forward to getting myself a copy of this game.

Keep this one on your watch list folks!


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