You might be eaten by a Grue.

When your alone in the dark without light your likely to be eaten by a Grue. Those iconic words bring us to today’s fun creepy monster! The Darkmantle;       this gliding  octopus like creature with skin between its tentacles and a hide like a stalagmite is a terrifying monster that is rarely seen. As it ready’s to attack its prey it sucks all the light from … Continue reading You might be eaten by a Grue.

Finders Keepers

During a bout of terrible weather the party seeks shelter from the elements in a cave overlooking the road they have been traveling on. If the players blindly enter the cave with out scouting first they will find themselves immediately under attack. If the players take a moment to  scout out the location before they enter the cave  they will discover is not abandoned.  Hobgoblins are … Continue reading Finders Keepers

Head of State

The party sets camp for the night and while foraging for food encounters an abandoned sanctuary with pillars and hanging garden structures. Scattered about are exquisite statues in various poses. Oddly the statues are from all classes. Peasant to Noble and Adventure alike. The players have walked into the lair of a Medusa. If the players survive they will note one of the statues if … Continue reading Head of State

Frostport: Winter is Coming Part 2

Inspired by the recent “cold Vortex” !!! Winter is coming is my first mini adventure for the blog. Each day I will post another encounter. These can all be used individually, or tied together for a short adventure. Enjoy! In the small village of Frostport winter has set in; the southern pass is blocked for the winter and the Blizzards have stopped. But nothing is ever easy in the … Continue reading Frostport: Winter is Coming Part 2