What the heck is a Flumph ?

flumph (1)I had planed on doing a Frost Wyrm.. And then over the course of the week.. the Flumph happened.  And so here we are. And for many of you the first question is the same. What is a Flumph ?

Well the Flumph can be traced back all the way to the 1st Ed Fiend Folio. And has been in every edition since,  as well as Pathfinder. And will be in the 5E Monster Manual as well ! But what is it ???

Well its a Flumph ..they are jellyfish-like creatures with two long eyestalk, a puckered mouth, and many long tendrils hanging beneath. They are intelligent and can speak common and are ….wait for it…Lawful Good ! Yet, are Helpless if you flip them over. Yes you read that right Helpless.
Created as part of an April Fools joke these guys have turned into the creature that will not go away. And have earned their place for most older gamer as an Iconic creature. They have even managed to make their way into minis and comic strips. Order of the Stick has used them repeatedly . Pathfinder put out a book called Misfit Monsters Redeemed and one of the featured creatures was the Flumph. Pathfinder’s take on the Flumph is that they have come to warn the world of the coming of The Great Old Ones.. Yikes Cthulhu ! On a personal note that is amazing !
So all of that aside, What can a Flumph do other than be cute for a jellyfish that floats and be helpless when flipped over ?  Well If your evil, Probably kill the heck out of you ~! Back in the day It was sporting an AC 0 and doing as much damage with an attack as being hit with a long sword + acid ! Oh and the acid damage would continue for 2D8 Rounds, And only magic could stop that damage! If that was not enough the flumph also had a cloud attack out to 20 radius around it of Revulsion .. Fail  your save and none of your compainions could come within 100 feet of you for a D4 hours! And Flumph are never alone they travel in pairs and packs ! Heck They might even have their own adventuring parties !
PZO9227-FlumphOnGoblinActionThe Pathfinders version of our would be saviors came along, game them the cool ass background story of way they are here in our world. Gave them an Image Face lift.
Toned down their damage they deal and made the cloud more deadly. Now your Sicked from breathing the foul stench of the critters spray.. BUT in addition every creature within 100 feet of you knows your there and double that with scent.. YAY you’re a sickened Monster magnet !  And if that was not encouraging enough to make what ever was attacking it go away.. it sports an AC of 20!

In the upcoming edition it looks that the Flumph has moved to the underdark, They glow and shift colors depending on their mood.  They are telepathic and very wise, and more advanced in man number of subjects. They seek out creatures of good to share thier information with and flee from evil.  Yet for some reason they live near some of the scariest evil creatures around. Mindflayers, aboleths and Gith feeding off their psionic energys. The evil thoughts sicken Flump’s So the Flumph’s are eager to share all the dark secrets they learn in hopes that good parties will kill their food sources, wait what ??? Why don’t they just seek out good Psionic life and be happy and not have tummy aches from hanging out with evil all the time ?
In 5E the amazing AC has been dropped from previous incarnations now to a much more Jellyfish like 12. They still have acid and stench attacks but have been given the ability to be shrouded from Divination and Telepathy. Apparently if your going to feed off all that evil. It’s nice to have a way to get close.

So there you have it. Now you know what the heck Flumph is.



Today’s Creature Feature comes from a truly disturbing set of Alphabet pictures I stumbled across. And since I started the Creature feature last week this inspired me for my posts now; and future creature features blogs.
This will take some time to get through but I’m sure we will manage to have fun with this list. So coming out the gate this week at “A” I present the Ankheg…
Nothing like a good old Bug hunt ! Especially when the bugs are ten foot long and 800 pounds of acid spitting fury !

The Ankheg is a burrowing predator that lurks underground waiting for prey to get close sensing it with its tremor sense. Then it bursts out of the ground akin to a giant Ant Lion and grabs its victim and pulls it underground to be eaten in its burrow.  Honestly being munched on by a 10 foot long magical beast of a bug is not the most glorious way to go. But do not dispar if one of theses nasty critters punches your ticket. You are just one of the legion that have died to this bug over the years. This little baddie has been chewing up parties for closing in on 40 years ! You are not alone fellow adventure, and if you slip its grasp and think you have gotten away. The Ankeg has one more surprise up its sleeve for you. The Ankeg can spit his acidic stomach acid at the adventure and can strike with it out to thirty feet! Face an Ankheg unprepared, If you manage to break free of its huge mandibles.. chances are you might just die tired with acid wounds.

Bug Hunt:
The adventures are hired by a local rancher to figure out what or who has been killing his cattle. As the party investigates they find mounds of stirred up dirt in the fields where the cattle has gone missing.
A cluster of 2-4 Ankheg have made this unlucky Cattle owners fields their new hunting grounds.

You might be eaten by a Grue.


When your alone in the dark without light your likely to be eaten by a Grue.

Those iconic words bring us to today’s fun creepy monster! The Darkmantle;




this gliding  octopus like creature with skin between its tentacles and a hide like a stalagmite is a terrifying monster that is rarely seen. As it ready’s to attack its prey it sucks all the light from the room into darkness and then glides down on top of its target and envelopes them head first. Where it begins to devour them with horrid sounds of gurgling as its sharp beak like mouth crushes bone and tears at flesh in the dark.  Few ever live to tell the tale and fewer yet live to witness to what came in the darkness and took their comrades.

Just remember, In the darkness it comes. And if you remain in the dark the Grue will eat well. Seek the Light adventure !

The mines of the dreaded Behir

Here is a lovely little side trek for our gamer’s that sure to if run right to be a wild fun game session. Inspired by a silly episode of Scooby doo that I only caught about five minuets of. But sometimes it’s in the brief glimpse of something where we find some of out best inspiration.

All of this will begin in a sleepy little silver mining town called White Hills. A kobold tribe has moved into the upper mines of the region. The miners organised and began to push the kobolds back.
Just when the Little reptiles were nearly rooted out of all of the local caves a Behir showed up and moved into the upper mines. Bringing the chance that the villagers would be able to recover their lost mine all but impossible. Before the town becomes a ghost town they have amassed their resources together and sent request of aid in the form of an adventuring party.

hidden_chronicles_dragon_danceThe players will quickly learn that the kobolds seem to come and go freely in the same cave system that the Behir is said to live in. The Behir is heard from time to time but does not seem to leave the inner cave system. This is all because the Behir is an elaborate ruse. The Kobolds happened upon a Behir carcass and were struck with devious inspiration. They hollowed out the dead beast and draped it in dyed leathers. Then with their love of all things sneaky they tricked this overgrown scarecrow out.
In fact what the player will encounter when they make thier way inside the caves to confront the beast is six kobolds manipulating the Behir Chinese Dragon style ! And a Seventh kobold seated in the head. This is the caster He will use ghost sound to make the Behir seem convincing and Fog or Obscuring mists to make it harder to see through the grand trick before the party.  The six Kobolds will strike  at the players with “Clawed Behir feet” made of dyed leather and hooked blades.  I encourage the DM to ham this up as much as you can. Go big ! The best part about this is the payoff if you are able to fool your players for just a short while before they realize its a scam.
Don’t forget to throw in standard Kobold fare of traps and tricks and some long range sling and spear assistance from the tribe members that are not in the “Behir”.  I leave you with a Image to inspire ! let your mind wander and enjoy the possibility !
If you come up with some other great ideas toss them in the comments ! Thank you and Enjoy !

Finders Keepers

During a bout of terrible weather the party seeks shelter from the elements in a cave overlooking the road they have been traveling on. If the players blindly enter the cave with out scouting first they will find themselves immediately under attack. If the players take a moment to  scout out the location before they enter the cave  they will discover is not abandoned.  Hobgoblins are currently inside the cave and they seem to be guarding a sizable treasure chest brimming with coin.
But the coin is not their own; the weather drew the Hobgoblins here as well where they discovered this unguarded treasure. Who does the treasure belong to ? You have several fun things it could be after your players dispatch the Hobgoblins.
Maybe the adolescent dragon who is only beginning his hoard returns shortly after the party is done with clearing out the Hobgoblins.. Party’s got some explaining to do, or maybe this will be their first dragon kill.
Maybe the treasure is actually a Mimic waiting until the numbers are more in his favor to make a move.
Or maybe this cave that overlooks the road is the hideout of a group of bandits. And they come back that night.

Head of State

The party sets camp for the night and while foraging for food encounters an abandoned sanctuary with pillars and hanging garden structures. Scattered about are exquisite statues in various poses. Oddly the statues are from all classes. Peasant to Noble and Adventure alike. The players have walked into the lair of a Medusa.

If the players survive they will note one of the statues if that of a near by mayor or high-ranking official from a rather large and wealthy city. Returning them could prove worth a hefty reward. Or maybe even a boon for being the Mayors savior.

If you wish to expand on this you could have the party be harassed by bandits that think the statue(s) must be very valuable and wish them for their own.

Frostport: Winter is Coming Part 2

Inspired by the recent “cold Vortex” !!! Winter is coming is my first mini adventure for the blog. Each day I will post another encounter. These can all be used individually, or tied together for a short adventure. Enjoy!

In the small village of Frostport winter has set in; the southern pass is blocked for the winter and the Blizzards have stopped. But nothing is ever easy in the cold north. Something large came into the village last night and drug a man away. It was large even for the wolf tracks that were found. The players are asked to help hunt this threat and put an end to it for the safety of all.  On the second night it comes again. Leaving a bloody trail and paw prints on the snow white landscape.

Akhlut_by_viergacht (1)The trail leads all the way back to the frozen waters edge.. This is no normal wolf. 

The town is being hunted by an Akhlut.