Map’s 2, Paper Maps.

Paper maps, at one time we probably have all used them.

Our love of the map as gamer’s for most of us began with the dreaded words we came to love as the party lit their torches. “Who will be mapping? ” dungeon1-781300Graph paper in hand you counted out ever step of the dungeon. If

you messed up you might never find your way back ! Or worse yet you might miss a room and cost your party precious loot!

No one ever took this job lightly, Yet at the same time no one ever wanted the job. It was a tedious thing. Drawing out and keeping ever left and right turn sorted. The simple jog to the left of a hall… How do I draw a Jog to the left anyway ? Yet you kept the sheets and honed your skills. Because the party HAD to have a map. They just could not do without one.

Back in the day graph paper was king of the map! Today the maps are still graphed out.. they just look allot nicer. The art has taken center stage and rare is the call out to the players “Who will be mapping?” Speed has become king with maps. Most are drawn in advance. Or purchased and printed for game.  Many are geomorphic so  you can use them over and over again.  In many different layouts.

These days you have a few options when it comes to paper maps. And sorry folks unless your a professional Drafter or artist.. or you just don’t care hand drawing paper maps is just not one of them.

First up, Gaming Paper,

You can find these guys over at These guys put out some great product for cheep. And you can even buy cthulhu wrapping paper from them !! For about 4 bucks you get 30 Sq feet of paper ! that’s a ton of blank paper for your buck.  And now Gaming Paper comes in more than one color. It’s a handy to have a roll of this stuff around.

The Pros;

430632_10150796975967067_338992527066_12305094_1010694341_nThis stuff is pretty slick you get a ton of it for the cost. It’s coated to not pick up water stains. You can draw out any kind of map you want on the fly.  You can cover whole tables at a time with this. It’s simple to cut and takes tape very well if you want to cut out your map and stick it on backer board. And unlike most other Game products.. it takes colored pencils well.  Lastly its decently rip Resistant.

Cons: In the end it’s just paper.. once you use it unless you save it for a return trip into what you have drawn its done. It can take pencil but I would just say no. Permanent it up and be done with it.

Second, Printed Maps.

There are numerous sites some better than most. But in the end they fall into the single trap that unless your printing out Geomorphic Maps, once your done with your adventure, you have no use for what you have left. Unless you revisit that area or its generic enough to be reusable.  In this regard I picked what I consider the top two,
One is again Gaming Paper. These guys have a huge selection of 8×10 maps that all fit together nicely and with this product you can make your own map or set up a predetermined map from their fine selection.


After Gaming paper I have to give the nod to this AMAZING product I discovered just today. Over at 

I stumbled on a thing of beauty, This map is paper and it takes paper maps to a place that I personally did not know existed.  Check out his bog he’s got free maps and you can buy some of his collection right now for a Pittance on DriveThruRPG for $2.50 right now !! Normally only 4 Dollars.  You should get over there and take a look at these now ! Word is on his page he’s prepping for a large-scale map set as a kickstarter. THIS GUY CANT

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