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Crafting a Dragon

Crafting a Dragon Dice Holder For a while I have been making cute little Dice Holder Beholders. They were a hit at on Etsy and at conventions where I have vended. They have been fun to make and I have enjoyed making everyone of of them.Since my blog talking about about the cute dice holders, I have begun calling them Dice Buddies. Additionally, I send … Continue reading Crafting a Dragon

Figure of the Week: Mousling Heroes–Tonsure

Tonsure–Mousling Cleric Today’s figure is a Reaper Mousling Hero, Tonsure. He is wearing a hooded robe, and wielding a staff. He is a simple figure and easy to paint. Here are some classes that could work for this character: Homebrew Class: Friar (Pathfinder) Old Guard Gaming: The Friar (needs updating from Greyhawk) These are close but so far nothing that I’ve found quite fits, so … Continue reading Figure of the Week: Mousling Heroes–Tonsure