Legendary Owlbear!

One thing that I absolutely love as a gamer and a game master is finding inspiration in the oddest places. Last night was a perfect example of one such instance as I stumbled on an owlbear out in a monster hunter style game. So last night I was hanging out in Twitch watching an awesome … Continue reading Legendary Owlbear!

Homebrew Monster: Scorpion Moth Swarm

Earlier this year I asked my readers what you all wanted to see more of. The resounding answers were homebrew content and the return of creature features in my blogs. You asked and I am more than happy to oblige. So I reached back into my bag of tricks from when I was working on … Continue reading Homebrew Monster: Scorpion Moth Swarm

Homebrewing My Pantheon: Goddess of Winter First Draft

My homebrew world has been around the block for awhile now. It has gone through some changes over the years but the one thing that has always remained the same in my world is the majority of my Pantheon. Four gods stand apart from the rest in my setting and they are they Dragon Gods. … Continue reading Homebrewing My Pantheon: Goddess of Winter First Draft

My Homebrew Three: Race Lupa

Today's update race for my homebrew setting is the Lupa. Formerly know as the Canis. I have kept the Canis but the are now a subrace of Lupa. Overall this one was a tough one to put together. A lot of thought went into how many subraces I would do. One of the issues with … Continue reading My Homebrew Three: Race Lupa

Homebrew Part Two: Race Badgen

Today's feature in my ongoing Homebrew blog posts is the Badgen. The Badgen are nearly as old as my homebrew setting itself. I wanted from the very beginning to add one or two nonhumanoid races into my game world. The fist was the Badgen and the second the Canis. Back when I created the races I … Continue reading Homebrew Part Two: Race Badgen

Giving my homebrew a fresh look Part 2. Creation Myth

When I fist began to put the pieces of my world into play I started with only a few things that were constants. Primordia was a young world and it's pantheon of gods was new. The main land mass of the world would look like the corpses of a continent-sized dragon. The Great Dragon had defeated elementals … Continue reading Giving my homebrew a fresh look Part 2. Creation Myth