With D&D’s 40th here it takes my thoughts back to when I first began the game. The creatures I encountered, the wonder I thrilled in as I explored deep dark dungeons and encountered terrible monsters. But few did I ever come to love and respect as much as the Kobolds !


I cut my teeth as an adventure in a module I love to this day B2 Keep on the Borderlands! I had bravely fought Goblins and survived. Thinking myself ready for anything we crept forward. And my world was forever changed by the Kobold.

Baskets of scorpions while being stabbed at with long spears while stuck at the bottom of a ten foot pit. This is when I learned not everything in the world of Dungeons and Dragons was most definitely to be judged by its size. My PC did not survive that day and  I thank the cruel and vicious beast from that day. From then on I was hooked with RPGs.

With that short trip down memory lane, I will open with my new Category: Creature Features.  What you will find with Creature Features is a bit of background related to the Beast and a suggested fun encounter or great tactics that I may or may not have used in games against my hapless fellow players.

So without further ado; the Kobold.
With Kobolds its all about two factors. Numbers and tactics. These are not warriors that are going to face you on the open field of battle. They are D&D original guerrilla warfare experts ! Use them right and your players will not only respect them but fear them. But thats okay they wont know you’re using them because they won’t see them coming until too late.
Kobolds are short reptilian humanoids standing in at a whopping 30-40 pounds and 3-4 foot of height.. But it’s not the size that makes these little buggers deadly. Its their skills, numbers and their fondness of tricks and traps.

Sample Situation. Kobold cave home                                                                    Kobolds shoot bows at the party down a 40′ straight hall while safe from attack  behind arrow slits in the far wall of a T intersection. There is no cover for the party as they make their approach down the hall to the intersection.  As the party is about to reach the intersection they encounter a ten foot spiked pit trap. Taking up the last five foot of the entire hallway and the first five feet of the intersection.   Once this occurs Kobolds with long spears stab down at the stranded injured party members from the cover of the side halls.  While the Kobold archers continue to shower arrows upon any PC’s that did not fall in the pit.
If you want to spice this up a bit more .. have the Kobolds toss in some jars of oil and start a cookout.. or maybe baskets of snakes and scorpions.


This is a simple one that will keep your players busy for some time as they attempt to restore their good names. With new group that has not made a name for themselves yet it can be as simple as a thief in the market drops a precious gem or magic item in one of the players pockets and to throw off the city guard he declares that the hero made him do it !
If the party is a bit higher level and has been drawing the attention to themselves by thwarting a powerful NPC’s plans. Mix it up by having the crime committed by the players themselves. This can be done in many ways.

Maybe he uses a front man to higher the PC’s to steal or destroy something for him. Killing two birds with one stone. The players now have unwittingly assisted their Nemesis and now have to answer to the powers that be for their actions or even risk imprisonment or becoming hunted themselves. If the later frame job would not work because the players would not take the job. Higher an illusionist to do the job while wearing the faces of the players. Now the players will have to have a very solid alibi to wiggle out of this trap. If all else fails send in the ever fun always enjoyable Doppelganger. They are always a bit of good old school fun! And last but not least the pay off; leaving the players to have to follow the money trail to whom ever set them up.

I hope you enjoy this Hook of the day. Go forth and catch some players in an enjoyable side quest plot.

A Plague of Goblins upon thee !

This Side Trek is sent out to you with the Holiday in mind (a complete ripoff made with love).

Your party finds themselves in the sleepy town of King’s Falls. The first snows have fallen and the impending threat of a blizzard has snowed the players in until the weather lets up.

As this is going on the goblin shaman in the hills to the east of town has prepared his tribe for a raid on the King’s Falls that night.  A few days before as his tribe was gathering water at the nearby river the shaman saw a sign from the gods. The water shimmered and contained hues of the rainbow. He gathered as much of the liquid as he could and returned to tell his tribe of the gift from the gods. The shaman prepares his warriors a powerful potion from the liquids he gathered at the river and he pours in the Grog bowl the warriors drink from before the coming raid on the town of King’s Falls.

That sundown as the snow falls and the wind begins to howl, a group of goblins descend on the town in a frenzy. Something went wrong with this potions intended effect. Instead of a supernatural vigor and the frenzy. The goblins have all gone raving mad! They drop their weapons and charge into the city. Attacking anyone and everyone they can. As they bite and claw, the bodies warp and twist and become shrunken twisted  “Goblin Men” crazed zombie goblins themselves !

These goblins and their new allies continue to spread their plague from house to house converting more and more of the townsfolk as they go. Chaos ensues and the only chance to save the town rests in the party’s hands.

The town wizard Ginmo is also an alchemist and feels that with a few items the town can be saved. He knows this because he recently threw out a large batch of contaminated potions. He had been working on potions of Reduce person, Touch of Idiocy, hideous laughter and Alter Self. When asked why on earth he would be making these potions he explains he has been experimenting with the idea of combat splash potions similar to alchemist bombs. The project proved a failure and he threw the wasted potions out. When asked where, he poured them into the river of course.

First he needs a live sample of one of the infected. Second he needs to either have his lab brought to him or he needs to be escorted to his lab. Shortly after they get Ginmo to the lab, he gives them a list of items needed for a ritual of dispelling.  As if all of this is not enough Ginmo tells the adventures they must complete the ritual before sunrise in the center of town. Because when the sun comes up the goblins will flee back to their caves. And he fears the crazed villagers will go with them.

Enjoy Happy Halloween !

You’re our only hope

A NPC that the players are familiar with approaches them in the village, after they return from their latest adventure. This normally would not be odd, save the fact that this is not the village this man is from and he is a long way from home. He looks haggard, road weary and hungry. It is plain he in need of the party’s assistance.
After calming the villager down and getting him some food, he relays his story to the party. About a week back one of the local villagers went missing. He was feared dead. The towns folk put together a search party and thankfully the villager was found injured but alive. They brought him home and he had been on the mend. All seemed normal until your friend stumbled on the corpse of the man they found.
He rushed back to town to inform the rest of the townsfolk but as he passed through the front gate he saw his dead neighbor having a conversation in hushed tones in the back ally with two other townsfolk.
Not knowing what to do he left and sought your party out in hopes you can save his people once more.

Trick or Treat !

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