With D&D's 40th here it takes my thoughts back to when I first began the game. The creatures I encountered, the wonder I thrilled in as I explored deep dark dungeons and encountered terrible monsters. But few did I ever come to love and respect as much as the Kobolds ! I cut my teeth … Continue reading Kobolds


This is a simple one that will keep your players busy for some time as they attempt to restore their good names. With new group that has not made a name for themselves yet it can be as simple as a thief in the market drops a precious gem or magic item in one of … Continue reading Framed

A Plague of Goblins upon thee !

This Side Trek is sent out to you with the Holiday in mind (a complete ripoff made with love). Your party finds themselves in the sleepy town of King's Falls. The first snows have fallen and the impending threat of a blizzard has snowed the players in until the weather lets up. As this is going … Continue reading A Plague of Goblins upon thee !

You’re our only hope

A NPC that the players are familiar with approaches them in the village, after they return from their latest adventure. This normally would not be odd, save the fact that this is not the village this man is from and he is a long way from home. He looks haggard, road weary and hungry. It … Continue reading You’re our only hope

Trick or Treat !

Hey everyone go check out Drive Through RPG and take a look at their cool trick or treat set up ! I don't know if its random or if it's a set list of treats but if you like free stuff head that way and give it a look ! They are giving out seven … Continue reading Trick or Treat !