Setting the Scene, Tournament Session!

Setting a good scene can be one of the more rewarding parts of running a good game. Ask yourself how often do you recall great encounters your players have been in but you can not recall where those encounters have been set? A good scene location can lay the foundation […]

Monday Musing, Bringing a touch of Halloween to your table.

The other day I found myself at one of the local big box stores and discovered that once again it’s that time of year where three sessions of holiday items are on the shelves. Now as annoying as I find this in regards to the total commercialization of my favorite holidays. […]

#RPGaDay2016 Day 31 Best advice you were ever given for your game of choice?

The best advice I have ever been given was not for my game of choice. But my roll of choice as a Gamemaster. That lovely piece of advice was. Run the games you enjoy, and tell the stories you would want to be in. Playing RPGs is a hobby and […]

#RPGaDay2016 Day:30 Describe the ideal game room if your budget were unlimited?

This will more be a series of pictures. Right out the gate, I would like to have a very sharp looking room that would still reflect a Fantasy Inn or Tavern. I love my Sci-Fi but if I want a game room this has got to be the look. So […]

#RPGaDay2016 Day:24 What is the game you are most likely to give to others?

This one is pretty easy for me. If I wanted to give a game to others my fist choice would be Cypher System, Why? Handing a gamer the Cypher System is literally handing them a system that is designed to run anything or any genre one can imagine. So by giving […]

#RPGaDay2016 Day:22 Supposedly Random game events that keep recurring?

I have a good one, But it is not an in-game event. This one has been happening for years and years of my gaming lifetime. It is my one pain that the digital world has finally stepped in to solve. Or so I thought. Just when I thought I was free of […]

Homebrew Tech Domain

Today’s Feature comes from an amazing homebrew blogger that I recently came across. And I am now a huge fan of. Walrock Homebrew Go give his Blog a look you will not be disappointed. So as I have slowed down working on my homebrew with the RPGaDay going on I wanted to […]