Runkle Plays Games Testimonials

The following are a few kind words from the creators who have worked with Runkle Plays Games to bring their product honest reviews and feedback. In each of these reviews, the companies were kind enough to provide me a copy of the product they were producing with the understanding that Runkle Plays Games would give them a quality honest review. I thank each and every one of you for both the opportunity to have worked with you as well as your kind words!



Dog Might Games

“I have worked with a lot of reviewers over the years and Shane is among the best of them. He is honest, thorough, and his reviews are well written. What I like most is the importance he puts on getting to know the features of the product. Every time I ask him to take a look at a product for us, he asks a number of clarifying questions so he is sure to get it right. Shane is also unafraid to point out flaws, an attribute I respect in any reviewer and a quality that the gaming Bdemands.”

Dog Might Games Reviews:
Hands-on with Dog Might Games: Component Collector Review
Dog Might Games Skirmish Box
Hands-on Review Dog Might Games Dragon Tray!
Dog Might Games: The Dragon Sheath Review
Dog Might Games Dice Chests

Burning-Games-logoBurning Games

“Shane’s reviews are in-depth, thorough and honest, and include both the good and the not-so-good of the games he reviews, and that’s just the way it should be. Otherwise, how would we publishers grow and make better games all the time? We need top-tier and reliable reviewers in the industry, and Shane is one of the best.”

Burning Games Reviews:
Burning Games FAITH RPG-Review

Burning Games: Faith A Garden in Hell Review

Polymorph Crafts

“Shane was easy to work with and understanding of the prototyping process. He gave us good feedback and was willing to work with us to figure out solutions. I was happy to have him review our Mimic Chest because I knew he would scrutinize it and be honest about its features.”

Polymorph Craft Reviews:
Kickstarter Hands-On Review: The Mimic Chest


img_0280Wil Power Games – Synthicide RPG

“Working with Shane was a blast! He’s very curious and really wants to know your game. Time and care are placed into comprehending the entire product, not just the short sound bites.”
-Synthicide RPG

Wil Power Games Reviews:
Synthicide RPG Review