A Plague of Goblins upon thee !

This Side Trek is sent out to you with the Holiday in mind (a complete ripoff made with love).

Your party finds themselves in the sleepy town of King’s Falls. The first snows have fallen and the impending threat of a blizzard has snowed the players in until the weather lets up.

As this is going on the goblin shaman in the hills to the east of town has prepared his tribe for a raid on the King’s Falls that night.  A few days before as his tribe was gathering water at the nearby river the shaman saw a sign from the gods. The water shimmered and contained hues of the rainbow. He gathered as much of the liquid as he could and returned to tell his tribe of the gift from the gods. The shaman prepares his warriors a powerful potion from the liquids he gathered at the river and he pours in the Grog bowl the warriors drink from before the coming raid on the town of King’s Falls.

That sundown as the snow falls and the wind begins to howl, a group of goblins descend on the town in a frenzy. Something went wrong with this potions intended effect. Instead of a supernatural vigor and the frenzy. The goblins have all gone raving mad! They drop their weapons and charge into the city. Attacking anyone and everyone they can. As they bite and claw, the bodies warp and twist and become shrunken twisted  “Goblin Men” crazed zombie goblins themselves !

These goblins and their new allies continue to spread their plague from house to house converting more and more of the townsfolk as they go. Chaos ensues and the only chance to save the town rests in the party’s hands.

The town wizard Ginmo is also an alchemist and feels that with a few items the town can be saved. He knows this because he recently threw out a large batch of contaminated potions. He had been working on potions of Reduce person, Touch of Idiocy, hideous laughter and Alter Self. When asked why on earth he would be making these potions he explains he has been experimenting with the idea of combat splash potions similar to alchemist bombs. The project proved a failure and he threw the wasted potions out. When asked where, he poured them into the river of course.

First he needs a live sample of one of the infected. Second he needs to either have his lab brought to him or he needs to be escorted to his lab. Shortly after they get Ginmo to the lab, he gives them a list of items needed for a ritual of dispelling.  As if all of this is not enough Ginmo tells the adventures they must complete the ritual before sunrise in the center of town. Because when the sun comes up the goblins will flee back to their caves. And he fears the crazed villagers will go with them.

Enjoy Happy Halloween !

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