Skylanders Swap-Force Haul (Good Will)

Skylanders Haul I had a great find at Goodwill for $8.99, a bag full of Skylanders. Everything came in a carrying case: inside were 20 Skylanders and the Portal. The figures included: wash buckler (swap-force), whirlwind, horn blast whirlwind (swap-force), blast zone (swap-force), pop fizz, terrafin, knock-out terrafin (swap-force), ignitor, super gulp pop fizz (swap-force), slobber tooth (swap-force), trigger happy (giants) , dinorang, bumble blast (swap-force), jolly bumble blast, lava barf eruptor (swap-force), pop thorn (swap-force), slam bam (giants), ninja stealth elf (swap-force), wind-up (swap-force), and groove machine (swap-force). Two plushes: trigger happy and gill grunt. The swap-force portal. I … Continue reading Skylanders Swap-Force Haul (Good Will)

How can we get more people playing? #RPGaDay2018

How can we get more people playing? Today’s question has been the topic of discussion more than once with some of my fellow gamers over the years. So I look forward to talking about it here today. How can we get more people playing? Now I will be the first to point out that depending on where you live not all of these ideas may work for you. these are some of the things that have been discussed in the past to get more people playing locally. So I have seen a lot of people today talking about making games … Continue reading How can we get more people playing? #RPGaDay2018