Skylanders Swap-Force Haul (Good Will)

Skylanders Haul I had a great find at Goodwill for $8.99, a bag full of Skylanders. Everything came in a carrying case: inside were 20 Skylanders and the Portal. The figures included: wash buckler (swap-force), whirlwind, horn blast whirlwind (swap-force), blast zone (swap-force), pop fizz, terrafin, knock-out terrafin (swap-force), ignitor, super gulp pop fizz (swap-force), … Continue reading Skylanders Swap-Force Haul (Good Will)

Smash Up On Steam Free Early Access

Just a short off topic note here. Smash Up! is on steam. The game is still in Early Access but hey ! It's Smash Up! The Developers plan to bring it to IOS and Android as well. At the moment I have only noticed it on Steam. For now, the free version only has 3 … Continue reading Smash Up On Steam Free Early Access

DogMight Treats: A gift to RPG Readers.

With Convention Session upon us. DogMight Games reached out to me and wanted me to offer up a sweet deal to anyone of my readers heading to GenCon or Origins. If you make your way over to take a look at some of their fine products in person. Just show them this coupon printed out … Continue reading DogMight Treats: A gift to RPG Readers.

GM’s day Sale Suggestions.

Well, here we are on Monday that 7th. GM's Day sales are in full swing and like me, some of you are finally settling in to decide just what you are thinking about picking up. Well, I had two people ask me for suggestions and what was on my list of things. And since I … Continue reading GM’s day Sale Suggestions.

GM’s Day Sale Till March 17

I always keep my eyes out for the cool sales over on DTRPG. It gives me the chance to pick up a system that maybe I have been thinking about but have not decided to commit the money to just yet. Often it's just that few bucks in savings that break me. Sadly more often than … Continue reading GM’s Day Sale Till March 17

Bundle of holding: Champions!

If you like super hero games champions is the game for you! And right now for only a few more hours you can pick up the champions system for a steal! 131 bucks in books for under 30 dollars! This is a quick way to pick up a fully fleshed out universe at your fingertips. Not … Continue reading Bundle of holding: Champions!

Stormlord Publishing Black Powder Black Magic

Well I currently do not have a regular game of DCC going to date. Regular game or not I love the gritty feel and old school flavor of this System.  Stormlord Publishing now has come along and puts out a six-guns and sorcery setting based in a fictional USA. Well I am sold. Honestly the … Continue reading Stormlord Publishing Black Powder Black Magic