Hobgoblin’s have been a part of D&D since the beginning. Their appearance has not changed much over the editions either, nor has their attitude. They are lager more wicked and menacing goblins. Another thing that has remained a constant since their introduction war. Hobgoblin’s are constantly at war with any other race. And they view all other races on the battlefield as inferior to themselves. … Continue reading Hobgoblin

Tackling RPG Cliches: The Caravan

Last week I began to tackle a very sensitive subject to some. Gaming clichés. Maybe I should have stated I was addressing this line of posts to the new or novice Game Master. it’s the little things like starting locations or introduction of a game session that potentially hang your game up or derail it all together for inexperienced GM’s. These are subtle little things … Continue reading Tackling RPG Cliches: The Caravan

Monster Manual Reviewed.. And I am Jealous.

Not having my hands on this book yet is killing me almost as much as not having the DMG.. Maybe more. But until then here is an awesome review on the MM.  After reading it I have the itch…I Do not know how much longer I can wait for my copy ! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/tabletop/reviews/12252-D-D-5th-Edition-Monster-Manual-Review-for-Dungeons-Dragons Continue reading Monster Manual Reviewed.. And I am Jealous.


As a GM setting a good scene can elevate an encounter from standard to something very memorable.  When dealing with an experienced group of role-players this becomes more and more difficult. Another tool that can be used to make encounters rich is misdirection. And this is wonderfully where the Ettercap falls neatly into both of these categories. Ettercaps are typically 6 feet tall and weigh … Continue reading Ettercap