RPG-a-Day: Favorite Dice/Dice Set

Favorite Dice/Dice Set

I had a multi-colored set of d6s that were specifically used for rolling character stats. They rolled great. One day I was making some Rifts NPCs for my husband and kept rolling over 20 (if you roll a 6 you keep rolling until you stop rolling 6). He banned me from rolling them again because I made some characters with almost superhuman stats. So they were retired.
     My new favorite dice are from the company DoubleSix. They are twelve-sided dice that come in double six, triple four and fate dice. The first two are my favorites. They roll much better than d6s.

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Dice Holder Beholder

Crafting Corner: Dice holder, Beholder

A few weeks back while falling down a Pinterest hole I stumbled on these adorable dice holder beholder figurines made out of Sculpey.  I liked them to darn much not to try my hand at making them myself.  So I pillaged the spare Sculpey that was laying around the house and set out to make some beholders.


They were a fun little distraction and for the most part fairly easy to make. I had the first one together in relatively short order. That was when I had realized my first dilemma, I just could not seem to get the cute little guy’s eyes to look right. For two reasons really.  For one I did not have the whites for their eyes in Sculpey. Secondly I just honestly was not good enough to make them to my satisfaction.  Right as I was about to give up I had an idea, well more of an inspiration. I recalled having once a monster manual where someone had placed googly eyes on each of the beholder’s eyes.  Eureka, I had a solution!

The Result

Dice Holder BeholderSo I headed to the store and picked up a couple of sets of eyes and returned home to finish up my project.  I stuck the cute little beholders in the oven and let them bake till they were done. Then I glued each of their eyes in place after they had cooled. The result was just as I had hoped.  A little derpy dice holder beholder, success! I decided to glue them down on some large bases so they were less likely to tip or fall over at the table just in case.

As of this posting, I have made four of the little guys and I am getting a little better with each attempt.  I think I will attempt to make another 4 or five and maybe give them away as gifts or sell them at the upcoming MACE con. I may even set one aside and do a little give away on the page.


So what do you guys think of them? Which is your favorite?

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Hands on With Fosters Leathercraft Dice Cup.

About a year back was when I first got to know Fosters Leathercraft over twitter. I honestly can not be sure how they stumbled on my blog in the beginning. I Just know that he did follow my blog and one day he saw me tweet a picture of my world map for my homebrew game.

Shortly after is where our friendship started when he messaged me and we got into a discussion about the world and how much as an artist and a crafter he wanted to bring my world map to life in leather. Before hand, this was something I never had considered and ever since its completion I can not imagine NOT having a leather map of my world. Before this point was something I never had considered. Ever since its completion, I can’t comprehend NOT having a leather map of my world.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I saw Fosters Leathercraft Leather Dice Cups. This time I was the one that sent the message and was wanting to get one of his amazing crafted cups. It took some time as all hand crafted quality things do but it arrived last week. My tweet says it all about my first impressions.

@fosterleather …. For a guy who gets paid to write words I’m speechless.#DND#Rpg


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So honestly yeah I was pretty damn blown away, to say the least. I wanted to take a few days to show it off to my friends. Because like any good adventure when you get loot you must show it off.

So what more can I say about this dice cup? The craftsmanship and whether working still that is on display when you look at the cup is awesome.

The lid fits snugly on top of the cup. Providing a snug fit that is further ensured from coming off with the cups strap. The lid doesn’t snap down but with gentle handling, it’s not going to go anywhere. That said if you just drop this in your back pack or a duffel bag you’re my find your dice roaming free if the lid comes off.

The cup feels good in the hand. The soft leather sides have some give to them. But unless you’re going to be folding it and laying books on top of it. The leather it will bounce back right into shape again. The stitching is tight and I have no worry that it might come loose. I think one of the best features is the gem eyes of the statue. It that 3d element that pops out at you visually and draws you into the picture.

If you love these cups you can head on over to Fosters Leathercraft You can buy standard DMG dice cups from fosters Leathercraft or you can order custom cups from him. They run on his page from 34-38 dollars for a custom cup and here is a sample of a few of them.


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Now Fosters Leathercraft does more than just leather! Knowing that I have a 3D Printer and I have recently on Twitter have commented that I had been contemplating trying to 3D print some coins for in game props for my players.

When my Dice cup arrived I found it partially filled with 3D Printed COINS! These are pretty cool if you are looking for some unique looking fantasy themed prop coins. My thoughts on the coins are that I am overall very impressed with them. The detail is awesome and they are sized at about an inch per coin.


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The only downside of these coins is that they are only one side due to being 3D printed.


Product Review SkullSplitter Metal Dice

A while back I reached out to SkullSplitter and told them that I was a fan of their dice and wondered if they were interested in a review of their product. They happily replied that they had recently had a few new offerings and would be happy if I would like to see them and share them with my readers. They sent me a set of dice as well as their newly designed case the “Warlock Tome”

I already had a set of SkullSplitters amazing die in the “Dwarven Chest” case and decided that it would be nice to show them both to you. Inside the cases are the identical. Each case is lined top and bottom with a layer of foam, as well as a foam insert to hold each dice snugly in place and keep them from rolling around.

Now, I know your thinking to yourselves, but these are metal dice, right? Why would I want a snug bed of foam for my dice? Well, dear reader, I learned the answer to that question hard way. The two sets of SkullSpliter dice sets that I own are their Gold Color Metal Dice and the Antique Brass Metal set that SkullSpitter sent to me in a Warlock Tome for my review.

Now in the time I was waiting for my Brass set to arrive I took my previously purchased gold set of dice out of the provided case. I stored them in a fancy chainmail dice bag for added bling. I found myself using them regularly and fell in love with them. Yet I must honestly say that I did not store them like I was in love with them. After a few months of poor dice storage decisions, they began to accumulate some dings and scratches. I provided a picture at the bottom of this review so you can see what by now had been close to 6 months of hard treatment to the gold set.

So, what constituted as rough treatment?  Well, in this case, I had rehomed them for at least a month or three in a chainmail dice bag. Bad decision number one. The result of this I believe is where most of the marks that poor gold dice suffered came from. Once I noticed this was a dumb move on my part promptly I moved them back to the provided case.

Soon after I received my brass dice and they have always remained stored in the provided case. I have used both sets constantly sometimes three or four sessions a week. Resulting in no further damage to my gold set. As well as my Brass set looks as good as the day I opened them. I think my biggest regret regarding my gold set would be thinking I could store these dice like any other polyhedral.

When I first got them my assumption was heck they are Metal .. my other dice won’t scuff them, THEY will be the dice doing the damage to my other sets if I put them in with them. Well, this is true mostly. They indeed will damage your other dice if you toss these guys in your crown royal bag loose with the rest of your sets. They will also sink straight to the bottom of your pouch. Thus turning your dice bag into a wicked Sap. But if you don’t want a wicked Sap, every time you want them you’re going to have to plunge your hand to the bottom of your bag and dig around for them. Trust me when I say, just do you and the dice you paid a decent price for a favor and just keep them in the provided cool case! If you simply must put them in your Crown Royal bag drop the whole case in your pouch and call it a day. 

So other than the cool case what do I think of SkullSplitter dice? In short, I am really impressed with them. They feel great in the hand, the full set weighs in at 4.3 ounces making them more than 4 times as heavy as a standard set of dice. The weight is nice and when they hit the table they land with a nice resounding clatter. But they are still light enough that the don’t sound like they will be denting your table dropping them. I can confirm after 6 months of rolling they have not scuffed my table to date, and I like the sound they make when they hit the wood surface.

If you prefer to roll with a dice tower or into a dice tray, they roll well in both. Just avoid plastic dice towers as my poor plastic panel dice tower sounded like it was going to explode when I roll these dice in it. And the sound they make in a plastic tower I personally find not at all pleasant. So I would not recommend it. I have rolled them in several dice trays and I personally love the look and sound of them in my Dog Might Games Dice Chest.

I will say that I have not rolled out a spreadsheet to see if they roll more high or low to test their balance. I have seen as many low rolls as high while running and playing games with them, so I do not think there is a balance issue with these dice that would raise any concern from myself or any of my fellow gamers.

As for the new Warlock Tome Case…

The artwork is nice but I found at least with my tome the art was a bit hard to read because it is so dark. I took the above photo with the flash and the bellow photo without a flash on my iPhone 6 Plus. I am torn on my opinion of the artwork here. I love the look of the Dwarven Chest with the SkullSpliter logo on it. The Warlock Tome has so much detail and is a really good looking box. But with the several layers of brown on brown, it comes off sadly muddy to me unless you’re in crisp lighting. I have to stand by my decision that I am not a fan of the Warlock Tome Case.

Honestly thought I got these dice for the dice, not the cool case that holds them between game. So do I like SkullSpliter Dice? No, I love them. Metal Dice are not for everyone. But if you are looking at getting into some nice entry level Metal Dice that will not break your bank. You can not go wrong with these dice.

If you liked this review and would like to get a set for yourself. The SkullSplitter store can be found by clicking their logo or the link below.


SkullSplitter Dice Store



#RPGaDay2016 Day 1 Real Dice, Dice App, Diceless how do you prefer to roll?


I have experience with each of these and like them all for several reasons. So I think that I will touch on my thoughts on all of them. So let’s have at the First RPGaDay question!

Real Dice, Dice App, Diceless how do you prefer to roll?

Real Dice

So First up, my thoughts about real dice. There is just something about the heft and feel of dice and the sound of hearing them clatter along the table that really gets me going as a gamer. Board games, Card Games, Wargames & RPG’s dice are everywhere and much like Pokemon if you love dice as much as I do you got to catch them all!

For the longest time, I had a bad habit. I would go into my FLGS and if there was not a product on the shelf that I wanted I would pick up a set of dice. It was my little way of feeding the beast as well as supporting my store. For years if I had a new gamer join my table I would allow them to pick their own SET of dice from my HUGE collection. This stopped after a few years when I realized that if I did not curb this addiction I was going to need an oil drum to store my dice. These days I still collect dice. But I have become more eccentric in my selections. I search out dice that others will go wow.. those are cool. Often to the fact that is also followed up with. I don’t know if I would spend that much on dice man. But that’s okay! I love showing off I am a gamer. I have several Dog Might Games products, So If I am going to have a high-end wooden box of awesome I don’t want to have a “regular” old set of polys in that box.

These days I still collect dice. But I have become more eccentric in my selections. I search out dice will evoke the utterance of “WOW.. those are cool!”  I love showing off I am a gamer. I have several Dog Might Games products, So If I am going to have a high-end wooden box of awesome, I don’t want to have a “regular” old set of polys in that box.

Dice Apps
If I had this question to answer three of four years ago, I would say I am not a fan. Since then, Dice Apps have come a long way. I have seen them go from not being allowed at any of the tables I paly in, to now being used extensively in some games. Right now in my very own Friday night RPG game of Star Wars Edge of the Empire. Five of my six players use the dice app! This is partly due to several of the features that the App offers. But the main reason is because the App is far cheaper than the dice set for the game. Most of my players are of the opinion that they do not want to spend 15 bucks on Dice that are only usable for one system. When you can opt to buy the Dice App for only 5 dollars. This has caused my table to opt for Digital dice at my Friday game. In this case, I would never insist that my players purchase the physical dice for the table. And with the FFG dice app you get even more than the SWEOE Dice. The App gives you Star Wars: Rebellion Dice, Imperial Assult Dice,Star Wars Armada Dice, SWRPG Dice, X-wing Dice & a set of Standard d4-20 dice.

FFG Star Wars Dice App

I also think that with the Growing trend of Boardgames Apps that gamers, in general, are becoming more comfortable as a whole with Dice Apps.

When you say “Diceless,” I think most people jump straight to diceless systems like Amber, or Minds Eye Theater. But for me when I think of Diceless games I still think of D&D. I recall hours and hours of Diceless D&D as a kid growing up. It was not that we did not have dice. But rather haveing Dice was just simply inconvenient.

We were kids! I was a young teen when I started playing RPG’s seriously. Granted I started running games at 9. But by the time I was 12, my friends and I were playing D&D daily… HOURLY.. CONSTANTLY!
Yet unlike the Cliche of old we were not chained to tables in the basement. Instead, we were fishing and riding bikes and building tree forts. All the while we were still locked in our fantasy worlds gaming the entire time. To have carried dice along and try and find someplace flat to roll them would have just slowed us down!  Have you ever tried to roll a D20 in a pool? Trust me we had plenty of combats while cooling off in the pool or lake.

I had several diceless options or “Tricks”up my sleeve. Everything form  Paper Rock Scissors.” to pick a number 1-10 and I would show another player behind my back the number. I even used Scrabble tokens numbered 1-10 in my pocket. I would tell a player to call out a target number. If you picked the number I drew you crit. If you were within 1  you hit plate mail , 2 chainmail, 3 everything else.  I would keep a tiny notebook and tear off pieces of a page to represent damage. When it was gone the creature was defeated. I just wish I could have recorded the fantastical stories we had again! Later when I joined the service we pulled numbers from a hat or carved dice from soap. Or we went back to my early years. Deployment never stopped us from gaming.

I would like to note an Amazing diceless game that deserves a boost as well. Fate of the Norns is a Viking RPG where the players cast Runes instead of rolling dice. It’s also beautiful !

Check it @ DTRPG


Personally, I like them all. I love the look the feel and the sound of Real Dice. With so many awesome Apps out there I can go to a game as a GM or a Player these days with Just a Smart Phone and run an awesome game! And I will alway’s love a well come Diceless system. That said what dice do I like best?

That said what dice do I like best?


Dog Might Games: The Dragon Sheath Review

Today I received my Dragon Sheath for review in the mail. I won’t lie I was excited to have the chance to get a look at this product before the end of the Kickstarter. As this is the second opportunity to take a look at another piece of this company’s outstanding work.

download (3)Now before I get into my review of the product I will bring you all up to speed in case you have not heard of Dog Might Games or had missed this Kickstarter. Dog Might Games are the makers of high-quality natural wood accessories for all your gaming needs. Well maybe not all, give them a few more projects.


The Dragon Sheath is their newest project on Kickstarter. So what is it, well in their own words The Dragon Sheath is:

A sculpted customizable carrying case for your gaming gear. Available in a variety of woods, colors, and interiors.

At this time, the project is well past its funding goal and only has a week to go. I can tell you that they are already cranking some of these out. Add the fact that I and a few other reviewers already have boxes in hand should set weary backers at ease. So it will not be a matter of when will DMG get started on this project after it funds as much as it will be what place in the production order you fall into so that work begins on your box. 

So when will work begin is likely your next question?

Dragon Sheaths will be built in the order pledges are received with the exception of the WONDROUS tiers – these will be built and shipped first. We are currently projecting completion of approximately 50 Dragon Sheaths per month. We have fulfilled thousands of orders over the last few years and on time delivery is a top priority for us.

Now that said if you jump in now everyone will have their boxes before Christmas unless they go over 400 backers. Then you might be on the outside edge of getting it in time to tuck it under the tree. Have a gamer on your Christmas list?  Here’s the gift to cross off him your shopping list months before JULY!
On to my review.

The Pro’s:

So the number one Pro in my mind is the quality.  Like I have said back in my review of the Dice Chest. This product may come with a higher cost than other gaming accessories. But you are paying for quality that will last. These are products that you will be able to pass down to your children. This is the stuff Heirloom’s are made from. A solid piece of work crafted by hand. They are not flimsy, you can feel it when you have this in your hand. They will stand the test of time as well as a rough gamer.

That sturdy quality is more pronounced in this project then the others that I have seen. These cases are impressive at 8.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.0″ and even hollow they have a subtle heft to them. You know when you hold this in your hand you are holding something that was once a tree.

The outside at the time of this writing has a STAGGERING number of optional sculpts. When I posted the Kicks launch Here. They had close to a dozen covers. Now they have over 50… 50!


Added to this you can pick a different sculpt for each side! You want a box for your Wizard. Pick a Fireball cover. But you know you play Star wars on the off weeks. Stick that sweet looking bounty hunter like Space Marine on the other side. Or whatever you want. your options are just only limited to 50! covers in any combo you can think of..GESH! That is unless you are worried that your Dragon Sheath might not be unique. Then you can have the guys just make you a unique one. BAM! problem solved!

On the inside, you have 12 options for whatever gaming need you may have. They have options for pens, coins, mini’s, dice and I have even checked for you savage worlds fans. Bennies will fit in some of the options as well.

From there you have another tough choice in the 25 different types of woods and finish options they can make these things out of.. man the choices. Even without making a custom order it is still going to be very hard to run across the same case more than once I bet. The odds are in your favor to not see the same case twice. (just my opinion)

And then we have Protection, for me, I am likely to store my Thorn dice in this beauty along with my solid wood stylus pen. They will look great together. As well as be far better protected than if they were in a crown royal bag. or even a leather bag. In my case, I will have expensive dice and an expensive stylus in a beautiful case when I come to the table. Oh well, I’ll take it even if it is a little Geek Chick.


Each case is held together by 4 rare earth magnets and Wow.. they are strong! Dog Might Games says they give a satisfying snap. I tweeted they give a Thunderous Clap! like Thors hammer. My wife said stop it your giving me a headache! Hahaha, they are no joke. I put a set of dice and my stylus in my case and shook it for all I was worth and got nothing from them. They do not wish to come apart and if you get them close together. They are eager to be rejoined.

The magnets are 0.25″ rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!).

I have on the Kickstarter heard some question if the case sits flat with covers on both the front and the back of the box. I have not seen an issue with this. Personally, I would just set the case on its side when not in use so that the artwork is seen for full enjoyment. The case is more than thick enough for this and due to the impressive magnets is not at risk of spilling open.

Lastly, the packaging for this product was simply awesome. It came in a huge box. About twice the size of my Sheath. Inside wrapped in packing paper was my Dragon Sheath. The Dragon Sheath itself was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. I said this box was sturdy. But Dog Might Games packed it and shipped it to me like it was fine china!  THAT is worth mentioning alone.



So, what if any cons might this project hold for you? I can only imagine two cons on this project. First the wait that for some will feel like an eternity. This might be a turn off to some but I feel this is offset by the company’s advance notice of exactly how many boxes they will be producing a month up front. As well as their record of meeting all of their goals of their previous Kickstarter’s in the past.

Runkle Ranking


D20 #17

I am ranking The Dragon Sheath at a 17. As a 17 this is an outstanding product. This is something I would and could recommend to any gamer proudly. As an outstanding product, this is also something I would be proud to display openly for people to view.

I could not rank it higher for only a very few reasons. Cost keeps it from being accessible to every gamer and even with the immense amount of internal customization. Once you pick your interior that is what you have for the products life. Short of modular inserts, I do not see a way around that factor. That said it is in no way a bad thing it is just a fact.

I love this box and am very grateful for the opportunity to review it. I hope to review more fo their products to come. I will be getting another box as I have backed this project myself. I hope you find this review helpful and let me know if you get a case yourself or this blog helped you make your decision!

Click here to go to the Kick!  The Dragon Sheath By Dog Might Games!




Dog Might Games Dice Chests

I recently tweeted to Dog Might Games about how much I wanted to get one of their boxes with my Blog Logo emblazoned on it to use at the cons I attend. They replied and we chatted a bit and they offered to send me a box to review. I was thrilled with both the offer and the opportunity to do  this and promptly accepted.

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From that point on my discussions with them were much like any other customer would have. This is how I wanted it so that I could better review the overall experience of working with them from start to finish. They had me select the wood and felt options as well as corner options. I also chose a custom symbol sending them my blogs D20 RPG logo to be the center piece of the box. In our discussion about the box I had shared my idea that I had thought that a card stand would be a great addition for my Numeneara Games. Dog Might Games said that they could cut one down to fit the box they were making for me. They confirmed that they could make that happen as they had done something like this in the past for other customers. Just another example of the outstanding customer service.

My order was then placed into the queue and the wait would ensue. When you work with someone like Dog Might Games there is a wait. Because Dog Might Games are the makers of fine wood gaming accessories. This is not fast food and you are not walking into your local game store and grabbing a dice bag. You getting a hand crafted product. Made from hand-picked high quality wood. Occasionally like it was in my case they might not even have our wood in stock. Because of demand or it is not a local wood. In my case I could have waited longer until they got more of that type in stock or I could choose another wood. But the guys at Dog Might Games are experts at what they do. Offering alternatives and suggestions to make sure I was able to pick the perfect product for them to craft for me.

Now if you simply can not be bothered to wait they do have some products on hand ready to sell on their page. But you are going to have to take what is on hand and already finished. This by no stretch of the word is a bad thing theses boxes are beautiful. But if you’re going to buy a product like this for yourself, I recommend you go the extra mile, pay a few more bucks and get exactly what you want. After all this is going to be something you will have for years to come as a gamer.

So when it arrived, was the anticipation and weeks long wait worth it, absolutely! Opening the box and seeing my logo in brass and aluminum riveted to the top of this simply epic box still has me smiling just typing it! The wood is Hickory with a lacquer called Demon Blood I am not sure if that is a real lacquer type, but even so it sounds pretty epic. Imagine your players reactions when you ask them to pass you your Demons Blood box!
The lid serves as a makeshift GM screen if you want to set it up in the slot cut for just that reason. It stands off the table on nickel pedestal legs. I chose the legs because with such a nice box I wanted reduce the risk of the box being scratched from surfaces or spills that might happen over time.

So enough of the gushing over how wonderful of a job they did making this box. let’s get down to what we all want to know. Is it useful, how much stuff can I put in it? It looks nice but does it do its job well?

Well the only way to be sure is to put it through its paces and that is just what I did. The website says the Dice Chest can hold 96 dice. On this I trusted them, after I don’t see the need to tote around 96 dice in a cool box that I am going to be using as a dice tray! So Instead I packed it a few different ways that I might find myself using it in and out of game. I packed mine two separate ways. As a rolling tray it is excellent and gives you more than enough room to really give the dice a nice toss. Or if you feel like it you can chuck them off the back of the screen for an added satisfying thunk as they roll. As a carrying style case. I have put it together several different ways. Here were the two that I likely will use most often.

The first holding nearly 80+ cards and 30 dice, the card stand plus pencil comfortably.

And the second holds an extended set of 12 dice plus card stand, three decks of cards and more with ease.

I used the card slot for character display and NPC cards and such. Like so…

With all the very cool things that this box can do there are some things that this box can not do. It cannot hold Minis, at least not standard Pathfinder or D&D plastic style figures. And it is just barely shy of being able to store pathfinder map packs inside of it.. SO close.

Overall I am tremendously satisfied with this product. It was a pleasure to do a review for Dog Might Games and for years to come I will be using this Dice Case. If you are interested in any of Dog Might Games awesome products stop reading now and head on over to their website.

Dog Might Games

Keep your eyes out on Kickstarter if you like Dog Might Games products. As they plan to launch a new product this week!