Dog Might Games: The Dragon Sheath Review

Today I received my Dragon Sheath for review in the mail. I won’t lie I was excited to have the chance to get a look at this product before the end of the Kickstarter. As this is the second opportunity to take a look at another piece of this company’s outstanding work.

download (3)Now before I get into my review of the product I will bring you all up to speed in case you have not heard of Dog Might Games or had missed this Kickstarter. Dog Might Games are the makers of high-quality natural wood accessories for all your gaming needs. Well maybe not all, give them a few more projects.


The Dragon Sheath is their newest project on Kickstarter. So what is it, well in their own words The Dragon Sheath is:

A sculpted customizable carrying case for your gaming gear. Available in a variety of woods, colors, and interiors.

At this time, the project is well past its funding goal and only has a week to go. I can tell you that they are already cranking some of these out. Add the fact that I and a few other reviewers already have boxes in hand should set weary backers at ease. So it will not be a matter of when will DMG get started on this project after it funds as much as it will be what place in the production order you fall into so that work begins on your box. 

So when will work begin is likely your next question?

Dragon Sheaths will be built in the order pledges are received with the exception of the WONDROUS tiers – these will be built and shipped first. We are currently projecting completion of approximately 50 Dragon Sheaths per month. We have fulfilled thousands of orders over the last few years and on time delivery is a top priority for us.

Now that said if you jump in now everyone will have their boxes before Christmas unless they go over 400 backers. Then you might be on the outside edge of getting it in time to tuck it under the tree. Have a gamer on your Christmas list?  Here’s the gift to cross off him your shopping list months before JULY!
On to my review.

The Pro’s:

So the number one Pro in my mind is the quality.  Like I have said back in my review of the Dice Chest. This product may come with a higher cost than other gaming accessories. But you are paying for quality that will last. These are products that you will be able to pass down to your children. This is the stuff Heirloom’s are made from. A solid piece of work crafted by hand. They are not flimsy, you can feel it when you have this in your hand. They will stand the test of time as well as a rough gamer.

That sturdy quality is more pronounced in this project then the others that I have seen. These cases are impressive at 8.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.0″ and even hollow they have a subtle heft to them. You know when you hold this in your hand you are holding something that was once a tree.

The outside at the time of this writing has a STAGGERING number of optional sculpts. When I posted the Kicks launch Here. They had close to a dozen covers. Now they have over 50… 50!


Added to this you can pick a different sculpt for each side! You want a box for your Wizard. Pick a Fireball cover. But you know you play Star wars on the off weeks. Stick that sweet looking bounty hunter like Space Marine on the other side. Or whatever you want. your options are just only limited to 50! covers in any combo you can think of..GESH! That is unless you are worried that your Dragon Sheath might not be unique. Then you can have the guys just make you a unique one. BAM! problem solved!

On the inside, you have 12 options for whatever gaming need you may have. They have options for pens, coins, mini’s, dice and I have even checked for you savage worlds fans. Bennies will fit in some of the options as well.

From there you have another tough choice in the 25 different types of woods and finish options they can make these things out of.. man the choices. Even without making a custom order it is still going to be very hard to run across the same case more than once I bet. The odds are in your favor to not see the same case twice. (just my opinion)

And then we have Protection, for me, I am likely to store my Thorn dice in this beauty along with my solid wood stylus pen. They will look great together. As well as be far better protected than if they were in a crown royal bag. or even a leather bag. In my case, I will have expensive dice and an expensive stylus in a beautiful case when I come to the table. Oh well, I’ll take it even if it is a little Geek Chick.


Each case is held together by 4 rare earth magnets and Wow.. they are strong! Dog Might Games says they give a satisfying snap. I tweeted they give a Thunderous Clap! like Thors hammer. My wife said stop it your giving me a headache! Hahaha, they are no joke. I put a set of dice and my stylus in my case and shook it for all I was worth and got nothing from them. They do not wish to come apart and if you get them close together. They are eager to be rejoined.

The magnets are 0.25″ rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!).

I have on the Kickstarter heard some question if the case sits flat with covers on both the front and the back of the box. I have not seen an issue with this. Personally, I would just set the case on its side when not in use so that the artwork is seen for full enjoyment. The case is more than thick enough for this and due to the impressive magnets is not at risk of spilling open.

Lastly, the packaging for this product was simply awesome. It came in a huge box. About twice the size of my Sheath. Inside wrapped in packing paper was my Dragon Sheath. The Dragon Sheath itself was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap. I said this box was sturdy. But Dog Might Games packed it and shipped it to me like it was fine china!  THAT is worth mentioning alone.



So, what if any cons might this project hold for you? I can only imagine two cons on this project. First the wait that for some will feel like an eternity. This might be a turn off to some but I feel this is offset by the company’s advance notice of exactly how many boxes they will be producing a month up front. As well as their record of meeting all of their goals of their previous Kickstarter’s in the past.

Runkle Ranking


D20 #17

I am ranking The Dragon Sheath at a 17. As a 17 this is an outstanding product. This is something I would and could recommend to any gamer proudly. As an outstanding product, this is also something I would be proud to display openly for people to view.

I could not rank it higher for only a very few reasons. Cost keeps it from being accessible to every gamer and even with the immense amount of internal customization. Once you pick your interior that is what you have for the products life. Short of modular inserts, I do not see a way around that factor. That said it is in no way a bad thing it is just a fact.

I love this box and am very grateful for the opportunity to review it. I hope to review more fo their products to come. I will be getting another box as I have backed this project myself. I hope you find this review helpful and let me know if you get a case yourself or this blog helped you make your decision!

Click here to go to the Kick!  The Dragon Sheath By Dog Might Games!




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