Dog Might Games Dice Chests

I recently tweeted to Dog Might Games about how much I wanted to get one of their boxes with my Blog Logo emblazoned on it to use at the cons I attend. They replied and we chatted a bit and they offered to send me a box to review. I was thrilled with both the offer and the opportunity to do  this and promptly accepted.

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From that point on my discussions with them were much like any other customer would have. This is how I wanted it so that I could better review the overall experience of working with them from start to finish. They had me select the wood and felt options as well as corner options. I also chose a custom symbol sending them my blogs D20 RPG logo to be the center piece of the box. In our discussion about the box I had shared my idea that I had thought that a card stand would be a great addition for my Numeneara Games. Dog Might Games said that they could cut one down to fit the box they were making for me. They confirmed that they could make that happen as they had done something like this in the past for other customers. Just another example of the outstanding customer service.

My order was then placed into the queue and the wait would ensue. When you work with someone like Dog Might Games there is a wait. Because Dog Might Games are the makers of fine wood gaming accessories. This is not fast food and you are not walking into your local game store and grabbing a dice bag. You getting a hand crafted product. Made from hand-picked high quality wood. Occasionally like it was in my case they might not even have our wood in stock. Because of demand or it is not a local wood. In my case I could have waited longer until they got more of that type in stock or I could choose another wood. But the guys at Dog Might Games are experts at what they do. Offering alternatives and suggestions to make sure I was able to pick the perfect product for them to craft for me.

Now if you simply can not be bothered to wait they do have some products on hand ready to sell on their page. But you are going to have to take what is on hand and already finished. This by no stretch of the word is a bad thing theses boxes are beautiful. But if you’re going to buy a product like this for yourself, I recommend you go the extra mile, pay a few more bucks and get exactly what you want. After all this is going to be something you will have for years to come as a gamer.

So when it arrived, was the anticipation and weeks long wait worth it, absolutely! Opening the box and seeing my logo in brass and aluminum riveted to the top of this simply epic box still has me smiling just typing it! The wood is Hickory with a lacquer called Demon Blood I am not sure if that is a real lacquer type, but even so it sounds pretty epic. Imagine your players reactions when you ask them to pass you your Demons Blood box!
The lid serves as a makeshift GM screen if you want to set it up in the slot cut for just that reason. It stands off the table on nickel pedestal legs. I chose the legs because with such a nice box I wanted reduce the risk of the box being scratched from surfaces or spills that might happen over time.

So enough of the gushing over how wonderful of a job they did making this box. let’s get down to what we all want to know. Is it useful, how much stuff can I put in it? It looks nice but does it do its job well?

Well the only way to be sure is to put it through its paces and that is just what I did. The website says the Dice Chest can hold 96 dice. On this I trusted them, after I don’t see the need to tote around 96 dice in a cool box that I am going to be using as a dice tray! So Instead I packed it a few different ways that I might find myself using it in and out of game. I packed mine two separate ways. As a rolling tray it is excellent and gives you more than enough room to really give the dice a nice toss. Or if you feel like it you can chuck them off the back of the screen for an added satisfying thunk as they roll. As a carrying style case. I have put it together several different ways. Here were the two that I likely will use most often.

The first holding nearly 80+ cards and 30 dice, the card stand plus pencil comfortably.

And the second holds an extended set of 12 dice plus card stand, three decks of cards and more with ease.

I used the card slot for character display and NPC cards and such. Like so…

With all the very cool things that this box can do there are some things that this box can not do. It cannot hold Minis, at least not standard Pathfinder or D&D plastic style figures. And it is just barely shy of being able to store pathfinder map packs inside of it.. SO close.

Overall I am tremendously satisfied with this product. It was a pleasure to do a review for Dog Might Games and for years to come I will be using this Dice Case. If you are interested in any of Dog Might Games awesome products stop reading now and head on over to their website.

Dog Might Games

Keep your eyes out on Kickstarter if you like Dog Might Games products. As they plan to launch a new product this week!



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