Dice Holder Beholder

Crafting Corner: Dice holder, Beholder

A few weeks back while falling down a Pinterest hole I stumbled on these adorable dice holder beholder figurines made out of Sculpey.  I liked them to darn much not to try my hand at making them myself.  So I pillaged the spare Sculpey that was laying around the house and set out to make some beholders.


They were a fun little distraction and for the most part fairly easy to make. I had the first one together in relatively short order. That was when I had realized my first dilemma, I just could not seem to get the cute little guy’s eyes to look right. For two reasons really.  For one I did not have the whites for their eyes in Sculpey. Secondly I just honestly was not good enough to make them to my satisfaction.  Right as I was about to give up I had an idea, well more of an inspiration. I recalled having once a monster manual where someone had placed googly eyes on each of the beholder’s eyes.  Eureka, I had a solution!

The Result

Dice Holder BeholderSo I headed to the store and picked up a couple of sets of eyes and returned home to finish up my project.  I stuck the cute little beholders in the oven and let them bake till they were done. Then I glued each of their eyes in place after they had cooled. The result was just as I had hoped.  A little derpy dice holder beholder, success! I decided to glue them down on some large bases so they were less likely to tip or fall over at the table just in case.

As of this posting, I have made four of the little guys and I am getting a little better with each attempt.  I think I will attempt to make another 4 or five and maybe give them away as gifts or sell them at the upcoming MACE con. I may even set one aside and do a little give away on the page.


So what do you guys think of them? Which is your favorite?

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