RPG-a-Day: Favorite RPG I Never Get To Play

My favorite RPG that I never get to play is BESM: I have a copy of Big Ears, Small Mouse that I’ve played twice. It is a supplement to BESM, but uses animal and insect PCs and NPCs. I was a grasshopper mouse barbarian and my son was a dragonfly rogue, my husband ran it in a Redwall-like world. It was a fun game.

He had problems playing a fun furry character game (where everything was animals or insects). He’s more into Humanoids and Monsters like D&D. He couldn’t wrap his head around cute animal characters.

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RPG-a-Day: Most Intellectual RPG Owned

The Most Intellectual RPG Owned

The most intellectual RPG I own is Chivalry and Sorcery, but I haven’t played it. Everyone else say that its too complicated, similar to Central Casting . It was mostly bought for the tables, and has great city creation rules although it’s very rule-heavy.

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RPG-a-Day: Favorite Dice/Dice Set

Favorite Dice/Dice Set

I had a multi-colored set of d6s that were specifically used for rolling character stats. They rolled great. One day I was making some Rifts NPCs for my husband and kept rolling over 20 (if you roll a 6 you keep rolling until you stop rolling 6). He banned me from rolling them again because I made some characters with almost superhuman stats. So they were retired.
     My new favorite dice are from the company DoubleSix. They are twelve-sided dice that come in double six, triple four and fate dice. The first two are my favorites. They roll much better than d6s.

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RPG-a-Day: My Favorite Character

My favorite character

badgen_1_orig-1My favorite character is the original playtest version of my Badgen race, his name was Stonefist. He was a barbarian, fighter. We did eventually have to tone him down, as he was unbalanced.

I made him by the savage species rules and even gave him less than the rules allowed. He started out in 3.0, upgraded him to 3.5 and then Pathfinder.

He was based on a half-orc/dire-badger cross, the frenzy rules for a badger didn’t allow him to exit rage without making a will save. I had a low will, so ended up having to be held, put to sleep or knocked unconscious. It was quite fun though. The picture to the left was drawn by one of the gamers in the group, it pictured him quite well.

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RPGaDay: Favorite Game System

Favorite Game System

My favorite game system currently is Pathfinder. I like the customization that is available. Especially, the character and race building rules.

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Although, if I could find a group I would love to play old school BESM 2nd Edition. It is simple and fun to play but I would use the new rules of high rolls are best, not low.

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2018 Questions

#RPGaDay2018 Upping the Stakes in game

How can players make the stakes important? 

Personally, I find today’s question goes hand in hand with yesterday’s question as well. Because, no matter what a GM does to make the stakes feel more important in the game. If the players have not bought into the story, there is nothing you can do to make anything feel important in your game. They will just go through the motions. So let’s assume that you have already done what is needed before the game and during session zero to create good player buy-in. How do you as a GM make the stakes important to your players in the game?




Campaign Stakes

I want to touch on two things here that will help your game overall when it comes to raising the stakes. My first tip is first is let your players fail. The second is learning not to play to the same tropes repeatedly.



Let your players fail, failure should always be an option in your game. If your players have failed at some point in your game, then they know that a failure can happen. Once this has been established when you up the stakes in the game, your players will react to these moments differently.


Don’t Overuse “Saving the World” Tropes

If your players are constantly “Saving the World” the trope will not only get old the players will come to expect it. Kinda like Starkiller base being another Star Destroyer in TLJ. (Yeah I went there, but so did they) If every campaign you have chosen is a “The players need to save the multiverse” story. Well the stakes don’t get much higher and the players will get pretty bored fast. You lose the tension from repetitively revisiting high stakes like this regularly.


Game Session & Encounter Stakes

Now sometimes when you up the stakes in a game you want the player to feel short bursts of tension. There are a few ways you can archive this and thankfully many of them are easy. The following is only a small sample of ways you can get creative about upping the stakes in the game.


Against the Clock

By using timers or telling your players they are on a time limit that won’t allow them to properly rest or resupply. 

Here is a short example.


Your players learn of an impending invasion. If they stop and rest the enemy forces will beat them to the border and begin sacking unprotected villages.

This sets the party in a situation where they may not be able to rest for several days and they will be forced to manage their supplies and spells during the journey. The stakes are higher because they know they will likely miss several rests and even exhaustion could become a factor the longer that it goes on.  Now even without putting the players against a super powerful evil you have raised the stakes of the session. they know they are on a tight time limit and they understand the consequences of failing.


Encounter Timers

Now let’s say that the party indeed manages to make it to the border and warn the towns in time. They are ragged and exhausted, they know relief is on the way, and troops are coming to their aid. They just need to hold out until they arrive. 

Yet the enemy forces are here, and they must only hold out for “x” number of waves of the invasion or rounds of battle, or all will be lost. This may normally seem easy if the players were fully rested. But they needed to push to get here. Will they have the reserves left to hold out?

That my friends is high stakes.



So, until next time!


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2018 Questions

#RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?


#RPGaDay2018 Most Memorable NPC?

2018 day 4


So far so good, we are heading into day four strong. Let’s tackle today’s question. Most Memorable NPC? Wow, I have a few so I think I am going to instead tell you about Two of them. Ironically both of these NPCs never saw as much table time as I would have liked. but they both turned out to be at least for me very memorable NPC’s.


Old Wheezy

Wheezy was a fun NPC that I had the pleasure of tormenting my players with for a short time. You see Wheezy was a high priest of Dagon. Either the players never got his name or it has been forgotten as he was quickly dubbed “Old Wheezy” because of the way he would constantly wheeze for breath.

Wheezy was not around very long, as shortly after his plot was discovered the players put Wheezy and his entire cult to the sword. Wheezy would return again to haunt the players and once more. As soon as they saw him they put him to the sword one more time. Since then, If I even hint at a Wheeze with an NPC my players will threaten to kill them lol. I have never been able to put my finger on why they hated him so much. Maybe, just maybe it was because he and his cult were sacrificing visitors to the town to Dagon. Whatever it was it was a lasting hatred.



Gaston would be born of random dice rolls. The players were to meet a Dukes Captin of the Guard and I picked up my DMG and rolled some dice. The dice fell as followed:

Appearance: Exceptionally Beautiful
NPC Ability: Strenght- powerful, brawny, strong as an ox
Low Ability: Intelligence Dim-witted

Talents: Sings beautifully
Mannerisms: Speaks Loudly
Traits: Arrogant & Hot Tempered

Ideal: Glory
Bonds: Dedicated to a personal life goal & Captivated by a Romantic Intrest
Flaws: Arrogance

As I sat and looked at the resulting dice results I smiled as I just kept thinking of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Gaston was born, fate would have it that I was able to put Gaston in a few moments where he would play the foil to the PC’s.

The players never really hated him so much as were annoyed by his presence. With the exception of the party bard who absolutely hated Gaston. Because he had shown her up once or twice in the game. Sadly that game ended before Gaston and the rest of the story could be fully developed.  Yet in that short time, his presence made a fun impression on the group.


Please feel free to share some of your most memorable NPCs! I look forward to hearing about them.
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