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I cast Fireball now Drink !

Wait what ?  Yeah you heard me drink ! Want to turn more of your games into drinking games ? Well then check out this kickstater with a twist ! Drinking Dice https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bigfootses/drinking-dice-make-any-game-a-drinking-game How's it work? Sub in any number of Drinking dice for any D6 you would roll in-game and have at it. If… Continue reading I cast Fireball now Drink !


#RPGaDay Day 9 Favorite Die/ Die set.

Well this one will be easy and maybe a little brief.. Maybe If I would have looked I would have done this one on time. For me they were both Gifts. And I love both of them very much. So my favorite Die is the one Die to rule them all. My Flashing LED D20… Continue reading #RPGaDay Day 9 Favorite Die/ Die set.