Crafting Corner: Dice holder, Beholder

Dice Holder Beholder

A few weeks back while falling down a Pinterest hole I stumbled on these adorable dice holder beholder figurines made out of Sculpey.  I liked them to darn much not to try my hand at making them myself.  So I pillaged the spare Sculpey that was laying around the house and set out to make … Continue reading Crafting Corner: Dice holder, Beholder

Tempting Fate with FATE Dice in D&D

Recently on Twitter, I saw a Tweet from Mike Mearls on the topic of Using Fate Dice in a game of D&D. The idea was to allow players to tempt the fates for luck. His example in the game he ran was this. House rule I used in AD&D this last weekend: Get a big pile of … Continue reading Tempting Fate with FATE Dice in D&D

#RPGaDay 18 Favorite Game System

Favorite Game System. I will cheat a bit again. I will not pick one game system but a a type of Game systems. I am a fan of a good core system. When done well it gives you the ability to run a game in any backdrop with a familiar set of rules to run … Continue reading #RPGaDay 18 Favorite Game System