Hands on With Fosters Leathercraft Dice Cup.

About a year back was when I first got to know Fosters Leathercraft over twitter. I honestly can not be sure how they stumbled on my blog in the beginning. I Just know that he did follow my blog and one day he saw me tweet a picture of my world map for my homebrew game.

Shortly after is where our friendship started when he messaged me and we got into a discussion about the world and how much as an artist and a crafter he wanted to bring my world map to life in leather. Before hand, this was something I never had considered and ever since its completion I can not imagine NOT having a leather map of my world. Before this point was something I never had considered. Ever since its completion, I can’t comprehend NOT having a leather map of my world.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I saw Fosters Leathercraft Leather Dice Cups. This time I was the one that sent the message and was wanting to get one of his amazing crafted cups. It took some time as all hand crafted quality things do but it arrived last week. My tweet says it all about my first impressions.

@fosterleather …. For a guy who gets paid to write words I’m speechless.#DND#Rpg


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So honestly yeah I was pretty damn blown away, to say the least. I wanted to take a few days to show it off to my friends. Because like any good adventure when you get loot you must show it off.

So what more can I say about this dice cup? The craftsmanship and whether working still that is on display when you look at the cup is awesome.

The lid fits snugly on top of the cup. Providing a snug fit that is further ensured from coming off with the cups strap. The lid doesn’t snap down but with gentle handling, it’s not going to go anywhere. That said if you just drop this in your back pack or a duffel bag you’re my find your dice roaming free if the lid comes off.

The cup feels good in the hand. The soft leather sides have some give to them. But unless you’re going to be folding it and laying books on top of it. The leather it will bounce back right into shape again. The stitching is tight and I have no worry that it might come loose. I think one of the best features is the gem eyes of the statue. It that 3d element that pops out at you visually and draws you into the picture.

If you love these cups you can head on over to Fosters Leathercraft You can buy standard DMG dice cups from fosters Leathercraft or you can order custom cups from him. They run on his page from 34-38 dollars for a custom cup and here is a sample of a few of them.


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Now Fosters Leathercraft does more than just leather! Knowing that I have a 3D Printer and I have recently on Twitter have commented that I had been contemplating trying to 3D print some coins for in game props for my players.

When my Dice cup arrived I found it partially filled with 3D Printed COINS! These are pretty cool if you are looking for some unique looking fantasy themed prop coins. My thoughts on the coins are that I am overall very impressed with them. The detail is awesome and they are sized at about an inch per coin.


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The only downside of these coins is that they are only one side due to being 3D printed.


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