Product Review SkullSplitter Metal Dice

A while back I reached out to SkullSplitter and told them that I was a fan of their dice and wondered if they were interested in a review of their product. They happily replied that they had recently had a few new offerings and would be happy if I would like to see them and share them with my readers. They sent me a set of dice as well as their newly designed case the “Warlock Tome”

I already had a set of SkullSplitters amazing die in the “Dwarven Chest” case and decided that it would be nice to show them both to you. Inside the cases are the identical. Each case is lined top and bottom with a layer of foam, as well as a foam insert to hold each dice snugly in place and keep them from rolling around.

Now, I know your thinking to yourselves, but these are metal dice, right? Why would I want a snug bed of foam for my dice? Well, dear reader, I learned the answer to that question hard way. The two sets of SkullSpliter dice sets that I own are their Gold Color Metal Dice and the Antique Brass Metal set that SkullSpitter sent to me in a Warlock Tome for my review.

Now in the time I was waiting for my Brass set to arrive I took my previously purchased gold set of dice out of the provided case. I stored them in a fancy chainmail dice bag for added bling. I found myself using them regularly and fell in love with them. Yet I must honestly say that I did not store them like I was in love with them. After a few months of poor dice storage decisions, they began to accumulate some dings and scratches. I provided a picture at the bottom of this review so you can see what by now had been close to 6 months of hard treatment to the gold set.

So, what constituted as rough treatment?  Well, in this case, I had rehomed them for at least a month or three in a chainmail dice bag. Bad decision number one. The result of this I believe is where most of the marks that poor gold dice suffered came from. Once I noticed this was a dumb move on my part promptly I moved them back to the provided case.

Soon after I received my brass dice and they have always remained stored in the provided case. I have used both sets constantly sometimes three or four sessions a week. Resulting in no further damage to my gold set. As well as my Brass set looks as good as the day I opened them. I think my biggest regret regarding my gold set would be thinking I could store these dice like any other polyhedral.

When I first got them my assumption was heck they are Metal .. my other dice won’t scuff them, THEY will be the dice doing the damage to my other sets if I put them in with them. Well, this is true mostly. They indeed will damage your other dice if you toss these guys in your crown royal bag loose with the rest of your sets. They will also sink straight to the bottom of your pouch. Thus turning your dice bag into a wicked Sap. But if you don’t want a wicked Sap, every time you want them you’re going to have to plunge your hand to the bottom of your bag and dig around for them. Trust me when I say, just do you and the dice you paid a decent price for a favor and just keep them in the provided cool case! If you simply must put them in your Crown Royal bag drop the whole case in your pouch and call it a day. 

So other than the cool case what do I think of SkullSplitter dice? In short, I am really impressed with them. They feel great in the hand, the full set weighs in at 4.3 ounces making them more than 4 times as heavy as a standard set of dice. The weight is nice and when they hit the table they land with a nice resounding clatter. But they are still light enough that the don’t sound like they will be denting your table dropping them. I can confirm after 6 months of rolling they have not scuffed my table to date, and I like the sound they make when they hit the wood surface.

If you prefer to roll with a dice tower or into a dice tray, they roll well in both. Just avoid plastic dice towers as my poor plastic panel dice tower sounded like it was going to explode when I roll these dice in it. And the sound they make in a plastic tower I personally find not at all pleasant. So I would not recommend it. I have rolled them in several dice trays and I personally love the look and sound of them in my Dog Might Games Dice Chest.

I will say that I have not rolled out a spreadsheet to see if they roll more high or low to test their balance. I have seen as many low rolls as high while running and playing games with them, so I do not think there is a balance issue with these dice that would raise any concern from myself or any of my fellow gamers.

As for the new Warlock Tome Case…

The artwork is nice but I found at least with my tome the art was a bit hard to read because it is so dark. I took the above photo with the flash and the bellow photo without a flash on my iPhone 6 Plus. I am torn on my opinion of the artwork here. I love the look of the Dwarven Chest with the SkullSpliter logo on it. The Warlock Tome has so much detail and is a really good looking box. But with the several layers of brown on brown, it comes off sadly muddy to me unless you’re in crisp lighting. I have to stand by my decision that I am not a fan of the Warlock Tome Case.

Honestly thought I got these dice for the dice, not the cool case that holds them between game. So do I like SkullSpliter Dice? No, I love them. Metal Dice are not for everyone. But if you are looking at getting into some nice entry level Metal Dice that will not break your bank. You can not go wrong with these dice.

If you liked this review and would like to get a set for yourself. The SkullSplitter store can be found by clicking their logo or the link below.


SkullSplitter Dice Store



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