Dog Might Games: Countdown Action Edition Review

Above are my thoughts on Dog Might Games review copy of Countdown Action Edition. I found the game to be to be an excellent party game with a fun theme. One of the best features of Countdown Action Edition as a party game is that no one ever has to sit out till the end of the round. Many of these style games will have a players vote to remove “innocents” in an effort to find the villain or monster. In this game a player “Hostage” that has been released can be secured if the Action Hero thinks that he has made a wrong choice.

The Art

The artwork is wonderful and helps set that action movie vibe.

A Minor Issue I had.

There are only two concerns that I had with the game and both are rather minor.

  • Count Down To Action Edition requires 5 players.
  • There were a small number of cards that I felt broke the sense of theme and mood of the game in play.

Admittedly, the first issue is minor as it is a party game. I only mention it because it impacted the timing of this review. I took it to a local board game night and my own weekly RPG group when I received my copy. Both times I was able to find 4 of us that were willing or eager to play but had issues tracking down a 5th player. I doubt this will happen for most of the time, but it was worth mentioning. Also this comes with the territory of party games.

So really the only issue I would say that I took with the game were a small number of cards that I felt took us out of the moment. There were 5 cards that asked players things like:

  • Who do you think will win the game?
  • what is a card that you passed on?

A similar things along this line. As I say in my video, my suggestion is to just remove them from play if you want deeper RP. Or Keep them in if you are more of a strategy gamer.

Do I recommend it ?

As Far as party games go I highly recommend this one. All of the elements are there to get that thematic RP fun going while playing a wonderfully 80s themed Action movie. You heard it here Dog Might Makes more than just good boxes. Thanks Lumberjacks!

Hands-On Review Dog Might Games Dice Tower

Once again Dog Might games return to Kickstarter with a very strong product for their fans. This time around were taking a hands-on look at their Traveler Dice Tower.


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Dimensions. Dice Towers measure approximately 6″ x 3.5″ x 1.75″ and are designed with a modest footprint to fit at your table. All wood is hand selected for durability, beauty, and a lifetime of gaming.

Size of Dice. The Traveler is designed to roll a standard set of polyhedral dice (where the D20 is approximately 7/8″ at it’s widest point). It easily rolls standard sized D6 dice.

Wood Options. The Traveler comes in over 20 different wood options. All Designs and Engravings are available above any Tier above Whitewood. To learn more, check out our Log Blog or take a look at our Lumber Options.

Magnets. The magnets are 0.25″ rare earth neodymium and give a satisfying snap when closed (they are incredibly strong!).

Storage. The top and bottom breakaway portion of the Dice Tower can be flipped in position to hold up to 20 dice internally.

Sculpted Design, Engraving, and Felt. Every Dice Tower (with the exception of the Whitewood tier) comes with your choice of Sculpted Design on the back, choice of Engraving on the front, and choice of Felt color. There are 30+ Sculpted Designs and 30+ Engravings to choose from.

Dog Might Games launched their newest Kickstarter at the beginning of November and sent me a review copy shortly after. It made it to me on the 10th of November just in time to make the trip to Mace Con in Charlotte North Carolina. Over the course of the next three days I had the pleasure to play and run games with new and old friends and show of this wonderful new Dog Might product.

One thing quickly became apparent, any time the Traveler Dice Tower hit a table at the con there was immediate interest in it. The box itself is beautiful and eye-catching and at the first sound of the magnets snapping together, it always drew a satisfying reaction among fellow gamers.

The quality of the wood is top notch, Dog Might Games never skimps when it comes to making a solid product. Even with this small dice tower, the box feels in every way solid and sound. By now if you have seen any of their past product you know that the sculpted designs look great on their products as they have got this down to an art. I chose the Celtic design for my review copy and I am both pleased with the look as well as the feel of the pattern.

As far as engraving work goes this was the first time I have ever received a DMG product that has been engraved before. I am pleased by the result, the engraving of my logo is crisp and easy to read from the table even with a darker wood option like the redheart tower came in.

Dog Might Mentions that the dice box has a small footprint at your table with its dimensions of 6″ x 3.5″ but the forgot to mention that these are the dimensions of your Traveler in storage version. When assembled for use at the table the footprint shrinks further to 4″ x 3.5″!  Now, remember you can roll up to 7 dice at a time in this footprint. They pushed the envelope a bit on tablespace saving with this project!

What did the con attendees think of it? Overall impressions by everyone who saw it at MACE this year were overwhelmingly positive. Roleplaying gamers fell in love with it, Board Gamers that were playing games with dice loved it. The small amount of space it takes up was often commented on by the board game crowd. Finally, in the games, I ran during the convention, when I brought it out to show off everyone felt it was excellent. One of my players even backed the KS while we were at the table playing at the game table! Another informed me later that day that they had backed it as well. To me that speaks volumes as to the quality of this tower!

Dog Might Games says you can fit 20 dice inside the Traveler and I saw a review video where they fit 21 dice inside of the traveler and the box held them just fine. I personally only recommend 7-10 dice even though It can indeed hold more with no threat of falling out of the box.

For me, it is a matter of opinion as just one a set of 7 pollys is easily loaded into one side of the dice box leaving you with room for a couple more dice in that side. This allows you to simply snap the other lid into place and you’re on your way.

If you do indeed want to put more dice in you can but you have to set the box down and begin arranging them to fit before snapping the top into place. It’s up to you if you want to do this. I just preferred to only fill the one side.

Runkles Rank?

When it comes to my decision on this product’s ranking I started off with stacking it up against a standard dice tower. When stacked against an average dice tower it surpasses it in every way.

  • It is sturdier
  • It has a minimal table footprint
  • It serves double duty as a Dice Box & Dice Tower.
  • It’s expandable with the Component Collector
  • It does everything that a standard dice tower can do and more.
  • To top it off it also looks damn good while doing it!
  • Very competitively priced compared to other wooden dice towers.

Personally, I have to say, by itself alone you could rank this at a Nat 20 easily. When to the extra mile for $2 bucks and add the magnets to make it compatible with the Component Collector ( BTW, A Dice Tower Add-on for the CC was highly requested) You make this product a slam dunk in the trend of Dog Might Games highly customizable product options.  So my ranking for the Travelers Dice Tower is a NAT 20!

D20 #20

You can find Dog Might Games Product on Kickstarter right now for a few more days by clicking on their logo below.


Fun Note
I have a friend that has looked at nearly every Dog Might Games product I have ever reviewed, overwhelmingly he is often underwhelmed by their amazing works. Often saying things like “It’s just a box”. This time he said he gave this product his seal of approval. That’s it a home run of a review from my buddy Modoc!



Hands on with Dog Might Games: Component Collector Review


Here we are again with another great Kickstarter by Dog Might Games underway. The Viking’s artisans from the north are at it again with their newest creation “The Component Collector”. SO what is this crazy stack of wood and magnets with a strap that at first glance looks like Dog Might Games made an all wood drink coaster set? In the words of the Dog Might Team, The Component Collector is

“A modular tile system for organizing board game tokens and components. Use with your entire game library. Custom. Magnetic. Elegant.”

The Design

  • Rolling Trays measure 4.25″ x 6.5″ with a depth of 0.75″Tiles measure 3.25″ Square and are 0.5″ deep.
  • Modular flexible footprint. Every tile connects to any other, even from different Component Collectors.
  • Rolling trays work in line with all tiles.
  • Works with a huge variety of games
  • Utility-driven designs
  • Snap together layout uses rare earth magnets securely glued into each tile.
  • Every Component Collector is coated with Dog Might Varnish for a lifetime of protection.
  • Straps are created from heavy duty furniture upholstery that is moderately textured. It is easy to clean, will not fade, and is water and crack resistant.
  • Leather Straps are created from 2.5 oz finished Cow leather.




Having just wrapped up the review for the Skirmish Box I was only slightly surprised when I was contacted about doing another review so soon. The creative guys at Dog Might have been cranking out a ton of awesome things in the last few months. If you do not follow the Dog Might Games Feeds you may be surprised to know that not all things Dog Might are launched as Kickstarters.

So, Michael Konas informed me that they had packed up a new prototype that they were about to launch on Kickstarter and had sent me one for review. It arrived the day before launch and in the time I have had it the Kickstarter has exploded. At the time of this writing, there is still 22 days to go on the project and it has pulled in more than $84 thousand dollars!

Often when I get a Dog Might Games product I take advantage of my local games and take it around to FLGS to get a wider opinion on the project than just my own. It’s always nice to see the reactions of fellow gamers when they have a quality product in hand and they can think about how they would use it at the table. More often than not their thoughts are very much in line with my own. The craftsmanship is beautiful, the feel is solid in the hand and they look amazing on the table. After that, it is just a matter of deciding how useful it is at the table for its intended purpose.

Honestly, when I first saw the pictures of The Component Collector I was not sure what to think of it. It was definitely something that I knew I was going to need to get my hands on and experiment with. This might be because I can get a little OCD. This left me at first not fully seeing the wide variety of uses that you got from having 8 trays. The main issue I was having difficulty with was understanding that you would not always use all 8 trays. The moment I accepted that the intent that The Component Collector having 8 trays was to give you the widest range of games you could use it with, it all became clear.

When my Component Collector arrived I happened to be running D&D. So, I wasted no time in pausing the game long enough to rip the box open and begin using it. Once I got The Component Collector on the table its design became immediately apparent. The many numerous options of how you can configure the layout of the trays is just awesome!




As The Component Collector made its way around the table my players each spent a little hands-on quality time with the prototype. Playing with their own configurations and getting an idea of how they could put it to use. The first thing I noticed as it was being passed around was everyone had would assemble in a way that would suit them best. Now, granted there is no wrong way to set it up. But that also is the beauty of The Component Collector.

When I took it to my FLGS the board game crowd was eager to get their hands on The Component Collector. The first thing I noticed as it was making its way around the room was much the same behavior as my RPG players. One by one each person laid the tiles out and began clicking them together the way it felt natural to them. Some made one long single row while others made two rows. Some boxed the dice tray in with tiles while others set the dice tray aside altogether. With no wrong way (as long as the dot faces away from you) to use the tiles, your personal creativity takes over. Sometimes in unexpected ways as one of the players made a Shelf to hold cards at one point.




Over the course of my week with the product, I have taken it with me to my FLGS twice. Having shown it off to more than a dozen gamers who I have let experiment with it. Some big fans of Dog Might Games some not so much. One who at the mention of Dog Might Games commented “Oh the guys that make wooden boxes?” Yet every single person I have shown this magnetic tile system to has liked it. That my friends is high praise from a guy that thinks of you as “The guys that make wood boxes.”

The feedback that I gathered from those who handled the product over the week was overwhelmingly positive. Now, It must be said that my set is a prototype and is not the final design that every one may receive. The Square tile was by far the most popular tile with the Bowl, Card, and Double seeming to be the other favorites. This could easily have been due to the games that were played as noted above you likely will not find yourself using all 8 trays at a time. This proved to be true as well when out in the wild. Players often only used 6 tiles at a time. Myself I used two when playing my Sunday RPG the Square and the dice tray. The Bowl for as popular as it was, did receive a few comments wishing it was a little wider or deeper. Allowing for it to hold a larger number of tokens or meeples. I have already passed this information onto Dog Might Games and they have said they will see if they are able to accommodate that request.

My final thoughts on the Component Collector

This dice tray with 8 tiles slowly crept its way into my heart. I went from on the fence to in love with it. Anyone would be hard pressed not to be able to find a use for several of these trays for most games. With the option for just few bucks more, you have the ability to hand-pick all 8+ tiles. Unlocking full customization to you and opening a vast number of additional game options. Congratulations Dog Might Games you have Critical Hit on your hands!

This project just might be a perfect example of what Dog Might Games is all about. With every project, they strive to give their customers choices, hundreds of thousands of choices! If you back a Dog Might product you know you are going to get something personal, special, and maybe even unique among the rest. A perfect example of this is my Skirmish box. I got the most basic of boxes but with my custom logo, I know that no one except myself has that box. They may have a skirmish box but this one is mine and mine alone. In this day and age of mass produced things, this is exceptional and exceptional is the standard at Dog Might Games.

Runkles Ranking

Nat 20!D20 #20



Dog Might Games Skirmish Box

With 17 hours to go, I won’t have the time for a deep in depth review of Dog Might Games newest product The Skirmish Box. But In the short time I have had it, about eight hours now I have given it a bunch of attention. The box is everything I asked for and could not be happier.


A few weeks back just as Dog Might Games was about to launch their current Kickstarter The Skirmish Box. I had reached out and asked them if they had any new products in the wings. After some discussion, they let me in on their plan to craft an amazing magnetic minis box. A box for Skirmish war games like Wyrd Miniatures Malifaux or Guild Ball or even as a storage box for your D&D and Pathfinder minis, I was immediately sold!

They kindly offered to chuck a box in a mail bag and have one sent straight my way so that I could do a review on it. Knowing that this was likely a box that I will use extensively for a long time to come asked if they would consider taking my logo on the box this time. Usually, for review proposes the Viking lords at Dog Might grab a product sample at random pitch it into the air for Hermoth to deliver straight away. In this case Dog Might was happy to oblige, but woodworking and art take time and they have other Kickstarter orders and products that take priority.

The Postal gods were not kind and I had hoped the box would have arrived on Saturday. Eventually, It did arrive and I have had it here for nearly eight hours now. With less than 15 hours to go before project ends and they begin cranking out boxes for their eager backers. Thankfully I did get it before the project ended and here we are with a final hours review!

In the past, I have had hands on review of Dog Might Games Dice Chest, The Dragon Sheath as well as their Dragon Trays. Each of these has impressed for equally different reasons. The Skirmish box is by far the biggest of the boxes I have reviewed for Dog Might. The Dragon Tray is longer but the Skirmish box is one massive hunk of carved wood.

In standard Dog Might Games fashion, they are giving you a tremendous amount of customization options to make your box your very own. Skirmish boxes can have up to six designed insides depending on your personal needs. Myself I got the open box as I will likely be storing large numbers of RPG minis that I pull and store before my weekly games.

With nearly 30 exterior carving options including the Malifaux Symbol and each of the Malifaux factions you have a huge selection of carvings to pick from to adorn the top of your box. If you are unable to find a symbol that you like. For the small price of $25 dollars, you can ask them to provide you with a custom job like they did for me. They currently have over 1,000 metal symbols to pick and chose from!

The selection of wood types varies by Tier but they have more than 20 woods and stains to choose from. All of these things make for a very personal experience you are not just getting a box that is like every other box that was produced for the Kickstarter. Time and pride go into their craft and It shows. If every box was just ripped off an assembly line I would not be writing a final hour hands on review It would have been done weeks ago. That says a lot about the guys at Dog Might Games.

Now, does the box do what they guys at Dog Might Games do what they say it will? I did not have the opportunity to run the gambit of tests. But I did take the time to drop a few of my rare earth magnets into my box to test the strength of the hold it gives. I am pleased to confirm the hold that the metal plate gives is considerable and you can expect magnetized models are going to stay in place nicely in this box. When playing around with this I also noted to myself that the lid of the standard box makes as a great dice try as well. I thought that would be worth pointing out!


The Skirmish box comes in two sizes.

Dimensions. The Skirmish Box comes in 2 sizes. There is no price difference in the sizes:

  • Standard is 11.25 x 5.75 x 4.25 with an interior height of 3″ (the bottom is 2″ deep and the top is 1″ deep). Fits minis up to 3″ in height.
  • Large is 11.25 x 5.75 x 5.25 with an interior height of 4″ (the bottom is 2″ deep and the top is 2″ deep). Fits minis up to 4″ in height.

Dog Might says

“The Skirmish box uses an embedded metal plate that allows your minis with added magnets to stand apart from one another, ensuring safe transport. It also offers a variety of wells to hold cards, tokens, dice, or anything else you need for your game and holds up to 25 minis.”

Well, I can tell you in my last photo I had set more than 30 minis of various sizes in my open well box. All of the bases had room sit and connect flush if they had been magnetized. Granted it is worth noting that I was also using 28mm figures. I think the 25 figure statement is based on 35mm models.


In the end, this is just another awesome Dog Might Games product. And anyone that plays Malifaux or any other skirmish game is going to draw attention when they set this bad boy on the tourney table. Congratulations on a job well done Dog Might Games!

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Hands on Review Dog Might Games Dragon Tray!

So last week, just in time for my regular gaming week to start, I received my review Dragon Tray from Dog Might Games. Like always, the package arrived mummified in packing material to keep it safe. My first impression was the sheer size of this tray. The tray that the Dog Might Games crew had sent me was the “Demon” and it is no joke. It measures in at 14″ x 7.5″, is made from Flame Birch with Demon’s Blood finish, and has a Black Demon Hide lining. This tray is hard to miss. It also weighs more than one and a half pounds. The Kickstarter features 25 styles of trays. With that big of a selection, it will be hard not to find one or two that you will want.

The dice wells run on average about 3/4 of an inch to 1 inch for most all of the trays. I voiced a little concern to Dog Might about the depth in the lowest portion of my particular tray. These great guys informed me that this was the lowest portion of any of the trays that they produced and that they would tweak and raise it slightly. I mention this because I want to acknowledge both the level of craftsmanship and professionalism at Dog Might Games. Not only have they trusted my thoughts and opinions to review their product, but they also valued my input on the one real concern that I had for this product.

The level of craftsmanship is clearly on display here with Dog Might Games Dragon Trays. These are works of art that you can hang on your wall to display for all to see. But my number one concern as a gamer is not ‘Does it look pretty?’. My number one concern is ‘Is it functional?’. My answer to you after several hours of gameplay with it…


I put it through a night of Shadowrun, at one point rolling upward of 14 dice, and it handled the job nicely. Away from the table, I rolled polys and Metal dice in it obsessively. These trays sit on solid rubber legs. (see photo below) These big firm feet grip the tray to the table, preventing it from sliding around and elevating it from the tabletop.This produces a few results. Dog Might will say this was done with the intent of keeping your Dragon Tray safe from spills, but I think the real reason they did it was for the satisfying sound your dice make clattering around in the tray, and it is very satisfying. Well done, you crafty lumberjacks.


That said, the sides are low. I know many of you are thinking, “But Shane, I am going to throw my dice and they are going to go flying straight out of this tray!?“. Well, you’re absolutely right. If you roll dice like a drunken monkey in a craps game, your dice will go everywhere. But if you roll your dice, not throw your dice, you will find that the dice well depth works just fine. I also would point out that I was using 14 Double D6. 12 siders. Basically, I was rolling balls into the tray and they all stayed put. So roll like a sane human and you will be fine.

If you roll dice like a drunken monkey in a craps game your dice will go everywhere. But if you roll your dice not throw your dice, you will find that the dice wells depth works just fine. I put that to the test in my Shadowrun game this weekend. At one point rolling 14 dice and not a die was lost to the table. I also would point out that I was using 14 Double D6. 12 siders. basically, I was rolling balls into the tray and they all stayed put. So roll like a sane human and you will be fine.

A benefit of the low walls is that everyone at the table can see your dice rolls. Commonly, most players will roll their dice against the far wall of their dice box. It can be hard to see the results of any rolls. If you are using a Dragon tray as a community or shared dice tray, it is easier for all involved to see the results.

With most of these trays measuring longer than a foot, they do take up some considerable table space. I know not everyone out there has the luxury of a 9-foot table. That is where the idea of the multi-wells and communal tray idea comes from I believe. Yes, a 12-14 inch tray takes up a large footprint on a table, but most dice trays are around 8-10 inches already.  If multiple players are sharing one tray, you actually are saving space at the table. I have been at several games where many players have trays. Folding trays have even recently become a hot item at my personal table of late. We now regularly see three trays on our table most nights. A Dragon Tray takes up only a few more inches than one dice tray and provides wells for two players to roll in. You can always do what I did during the Shadowrun game and used one well for rolls and the other for a staging area for my dice.
One of my personal reasons why I don’t often like or use Dice Trays is storage. If I want a Dice tray, it has to pull double duty. I want it to roll up and be compact. Otherwise, it will just take up space on my bookshelf as a bookend to my gaming collection. My cat will try and see if she can sleep in it. As all cat owners know: if it fits, it sits. Dog Might Games must not be cat lovers because they had the perfect solution. When the game is done, you don’t stick your try on top of the bookshelf to collect dust; you hang your Dragon Tray. You can hang it on the WALL!  And your awesome tray becomes art for your game room. Well played!

You can check out all of Dog Might Games great products by following this link below.   Dog Might Games Homepage

Follow their fully funded Kickstarter

Dog Might Games Dragon Tray Kickstarter

Dog Might Games: The Dragon Tray

Dog Might Games newest Kickstarter launched today only a few hours ago and is already funded. Dog Might brings their creative talents to the task of creating some amazing dice trays. They currently have a selection of 25 trays and there will me more to come.

More details to come from me on the product when I get mine to review in a few more days! After some hands on with this tray, I will scratch up a review and get right back to you with a report on my thoughts of their newest product.

Already I can tell you that I am normally not a fan of static Dice Trays because they are so often plain and take up too much space when stored. Dog Might games caught me by surprise with their answer to both of these issues. These trays are works of art.. worthy of being hung on the wall. So Dog Might decide, WHY NOT HANG THEM ON THE WALL?. well played, well played

Well played, well played…


Check out their Kickstarter and home page Below.

Dog Might Games

Product Review SkullSplitter Metal Dice

A while back I reached out to SkullSplitter and told them that I was a fan of their dice and wondered if they were interested in a review of their product. They happily replied that they had recently had a few new offerings and would be happy if I would like to see them and share them with my readers. They sent me a set of dice as well as their newly designed case the “Warlock Tome”

I already had a set of SkullSplitters amazing die in the “Dwarven Chest” case and decided that it would be nice to show them both to you. Inside the cases are the identical. Each case is lined top and bottom with a layer of foam, as well as a foam insert to hold each dice snugly in place and keep them from rolling around.

Now, I know your thinking to yourselves, but these are metal dice, right? Why would I want a snug bed of foam for my dice? Well, dear reader, I learned the answer to that question hard way. The two sets of SkullSpliter dice sets that I own are their Gold Color Metal Dice and the Antique Brass Metal set that SkullSpitter sent to me in a Warlock Tome for my review.

Now in the time I was waiting for my Brass set to arrive I took my previously purchased gold set of dice out of the provided case. I stored them in a fancy chainmail dice bag for added bling. I found myself using them regularly and fell in love with them. Yet I must honestly say that I did not store them like I was in love with them. After a few months of poor dice storage decisions, they began to accumulate some dings and scratches. I provided a picture at the bottom of this review so you can see what by now had been close to 6 months of hard treatment to the gold set.

So, what constituted as rough treatment?  Well, in this case, I had rehomed them for at least a month or three in a chainmail dice bag. Bad decision number one. The result of this I believe is where most of the marks that poor gold dice suffered came from. Once I noticed this was a dumb move on my part promptly I moved them back to the provided case.

Soon after I received my brass dice and they have always remained stored in the provided case. I have used both sets constantly sometimes three or four sessions a week. Resulting in no further damage to my gold set. As well as my Brass set looks as good as the day I opened them. I think my biggest regret regarding my gold set would be thinking I could store these dice like any other polyhedral.

When I first got them my assumption was heck they are Metal .. my other dice won’t scuff them, THEY will be the dice doing the damage to my other sets if I put them in with them. Well, this is true mostly. They indeed will damage your other dice if you toss these guys in your crown royal bag loose with the rest of your sets. They will also sink straight to the bottom of your pouch. Thus turning your dice bag into a wicked Sap. But if you don’t want a wicked Sap, every time you want them you’re going to have to plunge your hand to the bottom of your bag and dig around for them. Trust me when I say, just do you and the dice you paid a decent price for a favor and just keep them in the provided cool case! If you simply must put them in your Crown Royal bag drop the whole case in your pouch and call it a day. 

So other than the cool case what do I think of SkullSplitter dice? In short, I am really impressed with them. They feel great in the hand, the full set weighs in at 4.3 ounces making them more than 4 times as heavy as a standard set of dice. The weight is nice and when they hit the table they land with a nice resounding clatter. But they are still light enough that the don’t sound like they will be denting your table dropping them. I can confirm after 6 months of rolling they have not scuffed my table to date, and I like the sound they make when they hit the wood surface.

If you prefer to roll with a dice tower or into a dice tray, they roll well in both. Just avoid plastic dice towers as my poor plastic panel dice tower sounded like it was going to explode when I roll these dice in it. And the sound they make in a plastic tower I personally find not at all pleasant. So I would not recommend it. I have rolled them in several dice trays and I personally love the look and sound of them in my Dog Might Games Dice Chest.

I will say that I have not rolled out a spreadsheet to see if they roll more high or low to test their balance. I have seen as many low rolls as high while running and playing games with them, so I do not think there is a balance issue with these dice that would raise any concern from myself or any of my fellow gamers.

As for the new Warlock Tome Case…

The artwork is nice but I found at least with my tome the art was a bit hard to read because it is so dark. I took the above photo with the flash and the bellow photo without a flash on my iPhone 6 Plus. I am torn on my opinion of the artwork here. I love the look of the Dwarven Chest with the SkullSpliter logo on it. The Warlock Tome has so much detail and is a really good looking box. But with the several layers of brown on brown, it comes off sadly muddy to me unless you’re in crisp lighting. I have to stand by my decision that I am not a fan of the Warlock Tome Case.

Honestly thought I got these dice for the dice, not the cool case that holds them between game. So do I like SkullSpliter Dice? No, I love them. Metal Dice are not for everyone. But if you are looking at getting into some nice entry level Metal Dice that will not break your bank. You can not go wrong with these dice.

If you liked this review and would like to get a set for yourself. The SkullSplitter store can be found by clicking their logo or the link below.


SkullSplitter Dice Store