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Hands-On Review Dog Might Games Dice Tower

Once again Dog Might games return to Kickstarter with a very strong product for their fans. This time around were taking a hands-on look at their Traveler Dice Tower.   Dimensions. Dice Towers measure approximately 6" x 3.5" x 1.75" and are designed with a modest footprint to fit at your table. All wood is hand… Continue reading Hands-On Review Dog Might Games Dice Tower


Hands on with Dog Might Games: Component Collector Review

Here we are again with another great Kickstarter by Dog Might Games underway. The Viking's artisans from the north are at it again with their newest creation “The Component Collector”. SO what is this crazy stack of wood and magnets with a strap that at first glance looks like Dog Might Games made an all… Continue reading Hands on with Dog Might Games: Component Collector Review

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Dog Might Games Skirmish Box

With 17 hours to go, I won’t have the time for a deep in depth review of Dog Might Games newest product The Skirmish Box. But In the short time I have had it, about eight hours now I have given it a bunch of attention. The box is everything I asked for and could… Continue reading Dog Might Games Skirmish Box

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Hands on Review Dog Might Games Dragon Tray!

So last week, just in time for my regular gaming week to start, I received my review Dragon Tray from Dog Might Games. Like always, the package arrived mummified in packing material to keep it safe. My first impression was the sheer size of this tray. The tray that the Dog Might Games crew had… Continue reading Hands on Review Dog Might Games Dragon Tray!

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Dog Might Games: The Dragon Tray Dog Might Games newest Kickstarter launched today only a few hours ago and is already funded. Dog Might brings their creative talents to the task of creating some amazing dice trays. They currently have a selection of 25 trays and there will me more to come. More details to come from me on the… Continue reading Dog Might Games: The Dragon Tray

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Product Review SkullSplitter Metal Dice

A while back I reached out to SkullSplitter and told them that I was a fan of their dice and wondered if they were interested in a review of their product. They happily replied that they had recently had a few new offerings and would be happy if I would like to see them and… Continue reading Product Review SkullSplitter Metal Dice