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Hands on look at the D&D 5E GM Screen Reincarnated

I know I'm a little late to the party in my review of the 5e reincarnated DM screen. So let's get right into it and take a look at what we got. Personally Even with much of the cover art is pretty blank the picture is beautiful. I much prefer the Dungeons and Dragons logo… Continue reading Hands on look at the D&D 5E GM Screen Reincarnated

R&R (Runkles Review's)

R.P.G. Reviews:Dungeons & Dragons Dungeonology

Come fellow adventurers sit with me and feast your eyes on this breathtakingly crafted tome. Dungeons & Dragons Dungeonolgy. I have the great pleasure and honor to have been given a copy of Dungeonology for review. My first impression of the book was the cover art, the raised Foil image of the Mind Flayer is striking.… Continue reading R.P.G. Reviews:Dungeons & Dragons Dungeonology


Homebrew Archetype Spotlight Barbarian Path of the Skald

While scouring the internet for Classes,Subclasses,Races and Optional rules to bring to play in my personal game I decided I would bring my followers along. I welcome your input to any classes I list here on your thoughts of balance and what you think of them in general. This like many of the others I… Continue reading Homebrew Archetype Spotlight Barbarian Path of the Skald


Monday Rainy Monday. Monday Musing 9/12/16

A lovely rainy day greets me today as I sit down to muse. Today like many other gamers out there I am undertaking preparations to run Storm Kings Thunder. The newest adventure line in D&D 5Es lineup. Fitting to muse about Storm Kings Thunder while it's storming outside. My first thoughts on the product are that this… Continue reading Monday Rainy Monday. Monday Musing 9/12/16

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Weekend Roundup Feb 26-28 2015

This week was a slow week gaming wise. Normally there would have been a truckload of gaming going on but unlike normal many of our game's this week did not make. Friday I called my Edge of the Empire game. I needed a good break with so much Real Life things going on I just… Continue reading Weekend Roundup Feb 26-28 2015

Table Topics

Gaming on the cheep Week 3 Terrain

  So In this weeks search for cheep game stuff I went in search of Terrain. Again like last week I hit the stores knowing that I was on the edge of that sweet spot for finding lucky deals. The close you get the actual day of Halloween.. the less likely you will get that… Continue reading Gaming on the cheep Week 3 Terrain

Mythical Monstrosities


It's interesting to note that when you do a little looking you come to learn a few cool and creepy facts about Jack o lanterns. First off.. they were the original considered to be the will-o'-the-wisp. So even though they came to represent the chasing off of evil spirits.. They were in the beginning the… Continue reading Jack-o’-Lantern