Homebrew Archetype Spotlight Barbarian Path of the Skald

While scouring the internet for Classes,Subclasses,Races and Optional rules to bring to play in my personal game I decided I would bring my followers along. I welcome your input to any classes I list here on your thoughts of balance and what you think of them in general. This like many of the others I am likely to share here in the coming days are not my personal work. They represent the hard work of other gamers and I have found what they have done to be good quality and fitting for my Homebrew game. I am welcoming input for two reasons.

  1. I plan on bringing these items to my personal game. Any thoughts on balance compared to other Archetype offerings are desired.
  2. If in that discussion I find things I missed you and I will have saved my players the grief of discovering it in a game.
  3. This also gives me the chance to “Polish” of my personal setting anything that might come up in the discussion of these Archetypes for my personal use.

I love the concept of the Skald. I have liked the concept of Skalds ever since I first came across the optional Barbarian Variant in 3.5 D&D. I also enjoy the idea of “Battle Bards” In my mind, the majority of Bards never play an instrument. So the Skald helps fill that niche for me. Additional I think the Skald not only fits that roll but fits it well.

So my first Homebrew Extra allowed in Primordia will be Path of the Skald.


This Path was created by Reddit user fest-

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