It’s interesting to note that when you do a little looking you come to learn a few cool and creepy facts about Jack o lanterns. First off.. they were the original considered to be the will-o’-the-wisp. So even though they came to represent the chasing off of evil spirits.. They were in the beginning the lights that lead you off to die in the swamps.

So this week were going to talk about one of my more recent favorite monsters to pull out at least once a year in some variation at the table. Jack-o’-Lanterns or Pumpkin heads in all shapes and forms ! It is that time of year and man have I found some scary ways to use Jack-o-lanterns in many different ways to great effect.  Here are a few fun ones I have thrown down over the years. Feel free to steal any of these and bring the Terror to your players !

I will start off with the kid’s Track game I ran a few years back at the local Green Dragon’s Non-Con all night game Night. They are our FLGS in the area and I decided for the early crowd I was going to run a kids game the parents and the early Trick Or Treat crowd. It was a great hit as with each hit of the monsters I passed out candies to the kids. They took on Taffy snakes a Candy Corn Golem. And I also had Jumping  Jack o lanterns attack the players ! The kids loved it as they entered the pumpkin patch and they were assaulted by bouncing pumpkins with Gnashing teeth..
I made them from Skulpy and gave them a bit of a bake and Done !


Then came the adult game. People going missing during harvest session. Where are they going… Strange noises coming form the old grave yard. Trees feeding on the blood of the living and sprouting strange pumpkin like pods. That rise up out of the ground and attack when the party gets close ! Pumpkin Golem ! Twisted but fun.
2014-10-14 14.08.12

And then inspired by my friends over at Pirate Press and their Savage Worlds Game. Battle for OZ.  ZOMBIE PUMPKINS !! HELL YES ! This was one that I got to play in as much as I am looking to find a way of squeezing it in on my players one day.. Yeah Cats out of the bag now guys sorry.
24a4fd7690540dd2e15680439062e1df_large (1)
Oh yes.. this will happen. Humans planted in the ground and Jack-o-lantern placed over their heads. The vines and such then wrap around the body and make a cool ass zombie!  Oh Boy ! the fun I will have when i get to run this one !

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