Gaming on the cheep Week 3 Terrain


So In this weeks search for cheep game stuff I went in search of Terrain. Again like last week I hit the stores knowing that I was on the edge of that sweet spot for finding lucky deals. The close you get the actual day of Halloween.. the less likely you will get that last min deal on Halloween goodies you can use at your table. Why is that, you would think that the day after this wold be the case. If you’re talking about Halloween candy this is the case. But all of the other things around now are already being pushed out for Christmas stuff.  And Thanksgiving stuff has been pushing deep into the clearance products that Halloween stuff was in only a week before.  Lets not get me started about Both Thanksgiving and Halloween taking the punch to the near trend of Christmas in July to December.

So I got my hands on some great deals this time. Unlike last weeks two dollar find I spend closer to 20 but I made out with a great haul. So what did we get ? Lets take a look
2014-10-09 13.15.59

Not a bad little pile of goodies. I picked up the spooky town fencing at Michaels A&C.  As well as the tombstones and Weeping statue. All for under $15 dollars on a 50% off sale and a half off mark down. The Gazebo and the Mausoleum were a dollar each.  So all in all I got a nice little grave yard for under 20 buck. SO with a little looking and a bit of luck there are great deals out there to be had. Granted it is not Dwarven forge but it also does not come with the price tag of DF. And it looks great along side of it.  So there you go cheep cool terrain that wont break your wallet. SO get out keep your eyes open for deals and have a great games !  Next week Paper Terrain, Fold flats and Isometric maps on the cheep.
2014-10-09 13.15.59
2014-10-09 13.16.412014-10-09 13.16.56

2014-10-09 13.16.22

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