Monday Musing: Graceful Recovery.

Today’s musing is about gracefully recovering and moving on. We are all human, and we are not perfect. We invariably all at one time or another have moments where we screw things up. Sometimes more dramatic than others. Sometimes we hope that we can recover before anyone notices. This weekend I had one of those moments. I have not regular weekly 4+ hour D&D game in … Continue reading Monday Musing: Graceful Recovery.

Monday Rainy Monday. Monday Musing 9/12/16

A lovely rainy day greets me today as I sit down to muse. Today like many other gamers out there I am undertaking preparations to run Storm Kings Thunder. The newest adventure line in D&D 5Es lineup. Fitting to muse about Storm Kings Thunder while it’s storming outside. My first thoughts on the product are that this is an excellent sandbox for my players to play in. My second … Continue reading Monday Rainy Monday. Monday Musing 9/12/16

Monday Musing 7/25/16 Keep it short and simple.

One thing I have noticed as I have been spending more and more time working on my homebrew world is how easy it is to fall down the “Rabbit Hole” and get lost in overcomplicated and unneeded fluff. Or head down paths that your players will likely never go or even think about. So that brings me to today’s musing KISS Keep it Short and Simple. … Continue reading Monday Musing 7/25/16 Keep it short and simple.