Tips for convention GM’s!

Well, it’s about that time of year for many of us. Con season! Yup, it’s about that time of year again for me. As Storm-Con closes in I begin to gather all the things that I need or think I will need for the games I plan to run at the convention. So I thought it might be a good blog to share some tips for prepping for running games at a convention with you. I count myself lucky and slightly crazy that I wear two hats. Not only am I a convention goer and GM. But I Run the … Continue reading Tips for convention GM’s!

Draco Magi and making friends.

Here is a quick snipit of Draco Magi. I often reveiw games but Today I wanted to talk about a clip I saw my friend Robert Burke toss-up on Facebook. Draco Magi the card game. With the kickstarter finished and the cards almost ready to hit the backers Robert headed to Gen Con this year to show it off. I hope it went over as good as the game turned out. These days when I go to a convention Robert is one of the first people I look for to stop by and say hello. The day I met Robert … Continue reading Draco Magi and making friends.