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Having been one of the driving forces behind Gathering in the part and then the RPG Director of Storm-Con a game convention that ran for 3 years. This is a very well thought out plan for a mini convention. I know other small format conventions that run in just such a manner!  This format was very well thought out. And I highly recommend any group of gamers that over the years have grown separated to give something like this a try!

Not only are Mini conventions pretty darn fun. Think of it as an annual gamer reunion! Events like this since they are small format can also be planned to do a little sightseeing or take time out for a group dinner.


I love games. LOVE them. If you’re like me you have adventures, entire RPGs, and board games on your shelf that you’ve never played… maybe never even opened! Even as a kid I didn’t have time to try everything. Now that I’m an adult, I have more money and even less time so the books continue […]

via Run Your Own Con! — World Builder Blog

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