#RPGaDay2017 Day 19: Which RPG Features the Best Writing? #Numenera #MonteCookGames

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With an interesting setting coupled with Monte Cooks excellent layout decisions. MCG set the ground work that would give birth the Cypher System. It is hard to argue that Numenera is not an excellently written RPG. In Ptolus we see the perfection of the layout and writing style of Monte Cook. In Numenera we see the evolved rule system that Monte Cook had been considering and I think may have even suggested from 5E D&D before he left the creative team.

Numenera is fresh take on using a D20 at the tabe for everything, and a whole new take on character creation. This was refreshing and eagerly embraced by the fan base. Cyphers themselves were by design constantly rewarding the players with items that they could use to influence the game. Polishing the whole experience off by telling the GM to just focus on the game and not worry about rolling dice. Over all at least in my opinion it was a wild success at writing an RPG.

#RPGaDay2017 Day 13: Describe a Game Experince that Changed How you Play?

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It took me a bit of thinking to decide on an experience that has changed how I play the game. After some thought, I will say that for me it was not an in game Experience that changed how I play the game. It happened to me as I was reading new system.


That system would be Monte Cook’s Numenera. For me, up until this point of gaming. I had never thought about not rolling any dice as a DM. Additionally, I was entirely floored by the simplicity and elegance of the system as a whole.

After reading this book and the following bestiary. The idea of making my life as a DM easier not harder became a motto for me in all my games. It sent me on a quest to amass any and all tools that I could use during games to allow me to focus all of my energy on running the game not “managing the game”

I know it was not the first to do this but for me, it was the first to open my eyes to the concept.

Cool character sheets

The other day I was looking at some awesome character sheets, Decided I wanted to share a few. Here are some sheets that not only look great but remain functional. In some cases like these the character sheet takes your player just a bit deeper into the game. Think of these as player props!

The first on here is a Cypher System RPG sheet done for a Mass Effect game. Done up to look like a data pad. I love this and after I finish up my current games. I might see if my players would be interested in a Mass Effect game. This sheet was made by Tensen01 over at deviantart

Mass Effect Cypher Sheet by Tensen01

This FATE RPG sheet just calls out to the kid in me for Star Wars. I found this over at the blog I waste Buddha with my crossbow The only thing that might make this better would be if it was printed out on hard card stock and you it had a miniatures case on the other side of the sheet when you hand it to me for game!

As I wanted to hit a wide range of sheets when I did this I game Savage Worlds a Look, I found this great Fallout Themed Sheet over at The Pot-Luck blog


Now these are all great and work wonderfully for themed games. But what if you are not running a themed game. Is there any hope for you to find a great sheet? Here are just a few. There are just so many great sheets out there to be found don’t settle for just a good sheet. Find yourself a great one!

Like this D&D sheet by Jon Grumph

I think just as is .. the Numenera Sheet is simply perfect for the system and it is a work of art all by itself. The Strange RPG had a very good sheet as well. Sadly I think because of its more Generic nature.. The Cypher System core sheet is sadly generic.. But this!

For some Truely awesome RPG Sheets check out my older blog from RPG a Day Coolest character sheet day 26. HERE.

Please feel free to comment and add more sheets that you love!

Cypher Card Creator! Live.

Well if you have followed my blog for any time at all you know that I have been making cypher and artifacts on cards for a few months now with magic card creator programs. Well now Monte Cook Games has launched their DTPRG  Cypher Card Creator.

Much in the vein of the Pathfinder card creator they have made a card creation program so that you can make your own cyphers and either keep the collection private or put it up for sale. Pretty sweet news for players that have put together their own collection of cards up until now.

The best part is you can print on demand these cards for 25 cents and they will ship you your card to slip it right in your deck! You can also browse other cards and purchase them as well. If you have some cyphers that you would rather not share you still use this program and opt not to share them with the public.

Note that if you make a card it is property of MCG IP so if you make a card and you want to keep them for yourself you are going to need to continue using other programs to make your cards. But if you are fine sharing your idea for a cypher with the world. For a quarter. Then this is a cool little tool for you.

I myself thought it was pretty cool so here ya go. RunklePlaysGames first DTRPG product is now up for sale. If ya like it give me a quarter. I will also gladly take a like and a share or re-tweet or a +1 as well honestly.

My first Cypher can be found HERE

 In my haste I forgot a link to the card creator page you can find it here Custom Card Creator

New Years Roundup 2015

Back in 2014 I sat down and took a look back at some of the games I was able to play over the last year. I enjoyed taking the time to give a look back when I wrote that blog. I will add the link if you would like to give last years 2014 New Year Roundup a look. So with that done here we go. A look back at some of the games and things I played over 2014.

D&D, D&D and more D&D Is the first thing right out the gate. What can I say I love my Fantasy games. So D&D is the basically the go too by default. Now don’t get me wrong I am not knocking you old schoolers and the ORS games out there as well as several of the great Indy games that are out there as retro clones. There are so many great games to play in the fantasy Genre its staggering these days. But D&D and Pathfinder dominate the playing field.
First off I got to play a fair share of D&D of more than one flavor this year. I threw down some of the new old school 3.5 D&D. As well as Old School AD&D. It was fun to have this year to take a journey through the editions. I played in a short-lived Pathfinder Epic game as well last year rounding out just about every version of D&D through the ages. Finally I was able to run as well as play a ton of 5E D&D. I will say that is sets a tone for me that I love with the new system. I look forward to playing 5E for several years to come. I think I would describe 5E in a nutshell as a “New Rule Old school feel system.”

Next up would be FATE. Our group played a ton of FATE this year. In many different Incarnations as well. We played 4 different FATE games set in The Dresden Files setting.
2014 was also the first time I stepped up to run my first FATE game. I ran FATE Freeport and was stunned at how well the conversion held up to the feel of a D&D game. I continue to look forward to running more of Fate Freeport.

Ah CYPHER Systems, how do I love you. If I had to measure my love for this system in the number of games for it I have run, It would sadly not be that great. But thankfully I was still able to run several Cypher system games and each one was a blast. I ran them mostly all at conventions. I love running this system at Cons. I put down 1 game of The Strange RPG at Storm Con and 3 games of Numenera. And I ran Numenera two more times at Mace Con a few months later. In addition to that I ran an awesome cypher punk game that I was dying to finish but sadly due to RL that game died. I have a prepped story for Star Wars with the cypher system in my bag of tricks ATM as well as a Cypher Rifts games I have worked on the side in my free time.

Lastly for games that I have run I started a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game a few months back. It was picked over my Cypher Star Wars game. I pushed for a D6 Star Wars game at first as I love that system with all of my heart. Yet, Fantasy Flight Games has put a darn good game together. It seems the more I run that system the more I like it. Something that I was shocked at first to admit.

In addition I would say I can round out the list with a few more games that did not get near as much attention from me that they deserved. But I at least was able to sit in on or play a one shot of Fiasco, always rewarding always fun. ODAM I got to sit in a watch two games of this. It is on my radar of must play. Savage Worlds Lankhmar, missed getting a seat for this at a con by a hair. Next time.

Over all it was a wonderful year again to be a gamer. I was able to play with friends new and old, as well as run games for people who were brand new to the hobby. More and more I just love being a gamer. As well as the joy that is just infectious to any and everyone that gives gaming a chance.

Until next time GAME ON!




GamaNera 2 Mining Gamma World for Cypher Systems.

Well I was so pleased with the response to the first part of this blog I jumped right in and began making more of these cards.

Real life sent this follow-up blog a hard right hook. As I became sick for a bit and then the holidays hit. But the best part about blogs is that you can always come back to it later. So I Look forward to revisiting this idea again.

Recursion Name: Gama Terra
Laws: Exotic, Mad Science,Psionics
Playable Races: Human, Mutant
Foci: Any Fitting
Age & Size: Developed Recursion
Spark: 15%

Earth. After the apocalypse. Never mind the radiation—you’re gonna like it here

Gamma Terra is a savage land of adventure, where the survivors of some mythical future disaster must contend with radioactive wastes, ravaged cities, and rampant lawlessness. Against a nuclear backdrop, heroic scavengers search crumbled ruins for lost artifacts while battling mutants and other perils.


2015-12-14 17.00.22 Teleporter -BamfThis is the second part of my blog about Gamma World cards being brought to use in your Numenera or The Strange RPG games. After the first blog several of the questions I received were asking how Mutation cards might come into play.

Since there was a lot of interest in Gamma Worlds mutations I took a closer look at them this time. One of the first things that I noticed was that many of the mutations in Gamma World can be found in Numenera as well. For this reason I have decided to take a look at these cards in the light for use  in an active Recursion for The Strange RPG.

2015-12-14 17.00.40

Bio WingsWith the mutations they were not that much more difficult to convert then cyphers and artifacts. With Mutations I wished to put them into category’s already listed in Numenera. Making it easy for any who would like to swap cards for current mutations easily.

So then what would be the best use of these mutation cards in your games? I would suggest the best used would be in your games of The Strange RPG.

2015-12-14 17.00.57Quills

Or in a recursion’s for your own creation or any other Gamma World like or Post Apocalypse recursion’s. Without a doubt they make the perfect mutation deck for your Gama Recursion’s as well as several Super Hero style settings would seem a good fit as well.

It was pretty cool to see even the co-author of Gamma World and The co-author of The Strange RPG give his stamp of approval on the idea. Thank you for the vote of approval Bruce Cordell!

2015-12-14 17.01.13My Name Is MudWhat other things like this might you like to see? Leave me a comment and maybe it is something I will make happen!

You can follow this link to find the first part of GammaNera blog post that started this all.

GammaNera. Mining Gamma World for awesome Cyphers & Artifacts.

So the other day I was cleaning out my game room. As I was moving some boxes around I stumbled on a stack of cards from a game I have not touched in literally years. Gamma Worlds 4E


Leaky Fusion Rifle LV.8

Now truth be told not many people loved the new version of Gamma World. I for one was an odd duck and thought that with a few tweaks the game was pretty solid for a digest sized version of my old love. One of the most interesting things about Gamma world 4E were the cards.

Like 4E D&D they had cards that worked much like encounter powers. Often these were pieces of equipment but there were plenty of mutation cards as well. Likely the biggest failing for the cards in Gama World 4E was two-fold.

They were sold in MTG Booster style random card packs. Not the smartest move for a Tabletop RPG. This had three huge negative affects on the majority of the players of the game. Most saw it as a money grab. Completest’s were upset that they needed to buy so many extra packs to get the whole set. Lastly there were a small number that did buy the cards and either gave up out of frustration at getting multiples or  decided the cards were  not worth the cost. Overall it was a failed venture.


DO6 Robotic Companion Lv. 4

Now one thing you notice when you take a look at these Gamma World Cards is they are much like Cypher’s and Artifacts! I quickly noticed that without much difficulty at all I could take any number of these cards and slap them on over to be used in Numenera!

So I pulled up a card creator program and decided to hack a few cards and make them into usable Numenera Cyphers for my games. I think the results turned out very well. It just so happened that all the cards I whipped up after I did this article turned out to be Artifacts. But there are plenty of examples that could be cyphers as well.

2015-12-14 12.41.05Maruader Armor

Also with a stack of nearly 200 cards. Including all types of armor, equipment, Tech and Mutations. There is a lot here to draw from.

So take a look at the results and let me know if you think this is something that  you would be interested in seeing more of ?