2017 Mace Micro Review Henchman: The Game

One of the active Kickstarters I got to play while at MACE was Henchman The Game. This is an interesting cutthroat card game with a Character Skill drafting element of Deckbuilding at the start of the game.   Overall I see a lot of potential in this quick play game. The team behind Hull Breach is behind this project and this is a rules-light game … Continue reading 2017 Mace Micro Review Henchman: The Game

Munchkin Gloom Review

Recently I picked up a copy of Atlas Games, Munchkin Gloom! STOP, before you read any further! This is NOT a Munchkin game. I know the box is sized like any other munchkin game, and the art style is just like any other Munchkin game. BUT it is a GLOOM GAME! With a Munchkin theme! Surprise! I bring this up because in my excitement at … Continue reading Munchkin Gloom Review

Review: Hull Breach In Defiance of Dictators

Hull Breach is back with its third expansion to its story and timeline. Providing us with more lore, more factions and more ways to seek out a victory against the forces arrayed against us. Some of you might already be familiar with Hull Breach. Some of you might be hearing about it for the first time. So for those of you new to Hull Breach … Continue reading Review: Hull Breach In Defiance of Dictators

Review: Most Glorious Comrade

Most Glorious Comrade Author: Eugene Shenderov Cover Design: Charlie Wilcher Publisher: This and That Games A few weeks back Storm-Con wrapped up. It was a great event this year. As always we had a great time and I am already eager to get wrapped deeply into next years con prep. Often we have several game designers at the convention and this year was no different. As … Continue reading Review: Most Glorious Comrade

The Forest & The Star Dragons by Kerem Beyit

Draco magi is a game I reviewed a while back from my friend Robert Burke Here. Robert is back with some more of Kerem Beyit’s amazing art offering up four more Dragons and the opportunity to pick up some amazing wall art to boot. I just can not decide of the four dragons that I would rather see on the wall in canvas ! There is … Continue reading The Forest & The Star Dragons by Kerem Beyit