Even Game masters get the blues-Brace of Pistols

Gave this a read and Knew it was going to end up on my weekend reblog. I have hand this exact situation happen to me. I imagine that many of us have. It can be rough when you see your plans go up in smoke on short notice. So confessional time. […]

Worldbuilding With Artifacts — PhD20

I am always looking for good tips on world building, I like this approach. As I myself have several  hundred hours ahead of myself likely before my world will be done its always good to see another’s view on how they do it ! Instead of starting small with a town […]

Practical Ways to Write and Keep Writing — donnaclovis

Always on the lookout for good tips to share about all things storytelling and writing this is yet another nice tip to have in  your arsenal.   What do you like to read? What do you like to write? What writing style do you enjoy? How do you make time […]

Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously. — Discover

Not gaming related but being shared none the less. As a Gamemaster and in my own way a content creator its things like this that have me leery of things like my Microsoft One Note that I swear by. So take warning in this article and make sure it does not happen […]

X-Wing Miniatures – Heroes of the Resistance — Meeple Ex Machina

I know many of my fellow gamers have dove back hard Into X-wing recently. This one is for you guys! via These Are Your First Steps – Fantasy Flight Games I don’t normally post preview style posts on here but after getting into the X-Wing Miniatures Game with the Force […]