Mace 2018 Was Great!

Mace 2018 is now behind us, and it was yet again another great convention. For myself, this one was quite different from past years. Over the course of 2018, I have tried my hand as a vendor at each MACE that I have attended. Thankfully, I can say that I have had great success at each of these events. 

I feel I am very certain that it is something that I will continue to do going forward. I enjoy making the items that I sell.  As well the reactions of excitement that I see on so many faces when they purchase something that is in its own way slightly unique. 

This year we offered up a full table of things for sale. In the past events, we have attended we only have brought a few things. overall everything was well received. With each convention, we have learned some things do better than others. I already know that the next event we go to the table will look different yet again. 

Sadly I did not play in any games this year. That was due partly to my desire to devote my full attention the vending at this convention. Also, I did not sign up for any games at the event in advance. Now that we both feel confident just one of us can manage the full table we will plan to get in several games each.

Thankfully I still did get the opportunity to talk to many of my friends and gamers. After all half of the reason why I go to Mace is to see and spend time with my convention family. It also helped that my dear friends ran a vendor table next to us. So this made for a very relaxing weekend overall. The whole weekend left me feeling mentally and physically in a much better place then I have been in several weeks if not months. Case in point, I am writing again. 

Mace also served as a good place spread my business cards around and inform people that I now have opened an Etsy store! If you would like to take a look at that here is the link. I prefer it to the WordPress store as it is just more easy to navigate. 

NOTE: in the near future expect to see the WordPress site store closing down as I will be shifting to embracing the Etsy store fully. 

One of the surprises hits at MACE was the adorable dice holder beholder dice jails that are handmade. If you would like to check them out you can find a crafting blog about that below. Also if you like them you can find them on the Etsy store as well.

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