Kickstarter Launch: Savage Rifts

Way back in a day in my early blogging I made a post of what game I would love to get a facelift. I chose Rifts ! So you can imagine how excited I was that Savage Worlds come along and get the nod  on this project.

So here we are,


Has is going .. Savage.

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And they have launched their Kickstarter today! Looking to get 8,000 they have already crushed their goal and are not looking to stop anytime soon. As of this blog they are coasting their way to 60K ! One of the best features of this game product is that it is in the final stages of development already with the delivery date of June!

In the days where most people have to wait for months and months for the Kickstarter rewards the turnaround time on this project is going to be unreal as long as everything goes to plan.

So what are we looking at with this project ?


• Iconic Frameworks: A powerful tool in character creation that quickly establishes the powerful and popular concepts from the original setting. Iconic Frameworks “front-load” the abilities, equipment, and powers of such famous character types as the Glitter Boy, Ley Line Walker, and Juicer, while also allowing every other idea to come into play on par with these giants. 

• The World of Rifts®: Plenty of foundation information about the world of this incredible setting, with a focus on North America. Factions, historical events, and the current state of things for the heroes and people struggling to survive in a post-post-apocalyptic world. 

• The Tomorrow Legion: A new organization in the war-torn lands of North America, the Tomorrow Legion protects Castle Refuge while struggling to help others build a better world. Can the Legion stand against the titanic threats of the Coalition States and the Federation of Magic? 

• Edges & Hindrances: Plenty of new options to further define your hero in this world of infinite possibilities, including new Iconic Edges that enhance the foundation of your concept. 

• Equipment: Cybernetics, vehicles, weapons, body armor, powered armor, and robot armor—incredible, sophisticated technology to enhance survival and ensure victory in the war for the future.

• Magic & Psionics: Arcane Backgrounds cranked to 11 with Mega Trappings and Master Psionic Powers, and new powers to master a world gone mad. 

• Mercenaries & Monsters: From Coalition UAR-1 Enforcers to Murder Wraiths, Daemonix to Xiticix, and Splugorth Slavers to gargantuan monsters from Rifts®, the heroes of this world won’t lack foes to challenge them.

 • Adventure Generator: The Tomorrow Legion patrols the world in search of those who need help. These tables help the Game Master quickly come up with scenarios and encounters to challenge her heroes!

• The Randomness of Rifts®: Numerous tables and rules for dealing with the infinite possibilities of these holes in space/time. Ley line storm effects, random monsters from beyond, and the countless places your heroes might travel are covered.

What books will you get ? 

The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide

• Iconic Frameworks for many classic Rifts® character concepts—Combat Cyborgs, Crazies, Headhunters, Mystics, Operators, Rogue Scientists, Techno-Wizards, and many more!

• New Edges & Hindrances

• Setting Rules such as Blaze of Glory, Technical Difficulties, and a special Death & Defeat chart.

• Lots of new equipment including weapons, armor, and cybernetics.

Expanded magic and psionics, including Mega Trappings and Master Psionic powers.

Game Master’s Handbook

• The world of Rifts® Earth, circa 109 PA and the aftermath of the Siege of Tolkeen. Including important information about key factions like the Coalition States, the Federation of Magic, the Pecos Empire, and more.

• The Tomorrow Legion, including a description of Castle Refuge, the key leaders and players, and the structure of the organization.

• A dynamic adventure generator opens countless opportunities for adventure and challenge, such as when traveling the lands of Rifts® North America.

• Rules and tables for dealing with the infinite possibilities of ley lines and rifts, including how a powerful arcane caster might actually use and manipulate one of these powerful nexus points.

• Important and useful advice for Game Masters in running the high-powered characters and adventures they will face in this gonzo, amazing setting.

Savage Foes of North America

Information on major opposition forces like the Coalition, Federation of Magic, Black Market, Pecos Empire, Xiticix, and more.

Forces and war machines of the Coalition.

Powerful and mysterious foes from the Federation of Magic.

Supernatural and monstrous enemies that terrorize the lands of North America.

Tables for creating random creatures and even hordes of monsters coming from anywhere in the Megaverse™ through the Rifts®.

So get out there and back this sucker if you have been a lifelong rifts fan like me!

Fuhgeddaboutit! Mini Review

Just insert imagination back with a new mini product. In the same vein as the Snap Site style, this time, we are getting an adventure. So what do we get with Fuhgeddaboutit? Well right out the gate this is what is included.

In the document (that is designed to fit inside a GM screen) you will find:

  • setting rules
  • twists and complications to use
  • NPC’s
  • 5 pre-generated characters
  • a blank character sheet to create your own mobster’s
  • 3 maps
  • printable

Some differences between this product and the Snap Sites to begin with is that this is an adventure. Not a location set, I reference Snap Sites in this mini review because it is done in the same fashion. Several maps, Pre-Gens, Complication’s and Twists, NPC and page count and layout are all very much the same as their previous products. In no way is this a bad thing as the Snap Site style is simple well laid out and easy to read.

Also, in this case, a player could insert these pages into a GM screen and have the full adventure laid out for them to reference. This is a HUGE plus factor for a quick format game that you might be running impromptu or at a convention.

Much like Snap Sites the product is small but detailed. and packed with content. Weighing in 7 pages you get a nice cover page that you could use as a GM insert for the front of your screen on game day. Page two covers your setting and some background info for the adventure. Page three is Scenes, Twists & complications giving you several very good options of things to keep your players on their toes. Page 4 is got some great  tidbits of info, player secrets and mob speak as well as some music suggestions for setting the mood. Page 5 is Gm info including Vehicle’s and NPC’s the players are likely to encounter during the adventure. Page 6 is the synopsis of the Pregen’s with a full write-up and background for each of them. The last page is an AD of previous projects.

The three provided maps are not nearly the level of quality of Snap Site map’s. But they are still decent and provide you with the visuals of where things are in the adventure.


Runkles Ranking

D20 #11-14Overall another solid project by the Just Insert Imagination crew. Well worth the cash if you are looking for a convention or one-shot game at the at the last moment. Well written and presented in a creative fashion with the intent of just slipping the pages into a GM Screen and going. These things keep this adventure as an above average value for me.
You can find Fuhgeddaboutit! Here.


Other Runkle Plays Games (R.P.G.) Just Insert Imagination reviews. 

Snap Sites: Silver Linings Bookstore Mini Review 


Olympus Inc. moves to Indiegogo.

Not too long ago I told you about the Olympus Inc. Kickstater that was going on. Well if you are a fan of Savage Worlds and have followed it at all. You know this poor project has had a bit of rocky road that it has been going down.

Tragically with the one simple mistake the nearly funded project was pulled. That was only the beginning of issues that Fabled Environments would have with Olympus Inc. After a planned relaunch for a project that was on Kickstarter and nearly fully funded. When they set up the relaunch Kickstarter it was denied!  With the most insane answering machine style response of.

“Each project is carefully reviewed to make sure it is suitable for the Kickstarter community. After such review, it has been determined that your project cannot be approved.” Other than links to the Kickstarter Terms of Use and Rules, Kickstarter has offered no other explanation.

So after several attempts to reach someone human at Kickstarter to explain what they did wrong. As vetren content creators with many  Kickstater projects under then belt trying to relaunch a project that was already up once and nearly funded. They found themselves with no reply’s.

So after some consideration and determination Olympus Inc as an indiegogo project. It is a great platform much like Kickstater and I think as long as their Savage Fans know where to look they will do just fine there!  So go check them out!

Olympus Inc

If you do not know or have missed my post in the past about their project and you are a fan of Savage worlds here is a little snip-it of what the world is all about. It’s pretty wild! If you like the small tidbit here go take a look at their page for more details.

The project is live now.


GM’s day Sale Suggestions.


Well, here we are on Monday that 7th. GM’s Day sales are in full swing and like me, some of you are finally settling in to decide just what you are thinking about picking up. Well, I had two people ask me for suggestions and what was on my list of things.
And since I am going to be looking the lists over. Why not give you a short blog about what caught my attention and maybe why.



SO here we go and in no particular order.


Right out the gate if you do not already own Mutants & Masterminds 3 and you like Supers settings. This is a steal don’t let it slip by at 11 bucks off. I myself already have it.


Moving on…

Numenera is a solid grab as is The Strange RPG. And If you know me at all by now or have followed this blog even a little bit. You knew I was going to say this. But I am going to change it up on you and say skip them and pick up the Cypher System Core rules! With this book, you have the beauty of the strange and Numenera rules as well as the freedom to set those rules in ANY setting you desire. TOTAL WIN>



Firefly RPG Core book. This has been on my wishlist a while. I think with this sale it will finally end up in my basket.


Symbaroum-Core rules. Well now .. this is an Electrum seller..and exactly what GM’s Day was made for.  A system that is not of the big guys.  I myself have never heard of it. It has slipped my attention until now but obviously with its rating it sounds like it should be a Sound product. This is likely going to be a grab that you will not regret. I think I will be picking this one up.


DAMMIT firefly .. why do I keep doing this to you. I’m sorry!

Savage Worlds Lankhmar also has been on my radar since November and I have a friends copy on my table as I type this. I like it ALOT! If you’re a fan of fantasy and like the Savage Worlds rule set. I would give this a strong recommendation as well.


Evil hats Monster of the week would be a good grab for under 10 bucks.


So there you have it! .. What books were your top picks from the sale? Did you pick any books up?  Did I miss a great product? Let me know!

Cool character sheets

The other day I was looking at some awesome character sheets, Decided I wanted to share a few. Here are some sheets that not only look great but remain functional. In some cases like these the character sheet takes your player just a bit deeper into the game. Think of these as player props!

The first on here is a Cypher System RPG sheet done for a Mass Effect game. Done up to look like a data pad. I love this and after I finish up my current games. I might see if my players would be interested in a Mass Effect game. This sheet was made by Tensen01 over at deviantart

Mass Effect Cypher Sheet by Tensen01

This FATE RPG sheet just calls out to the kid in me for Star Wars. I found this over at the blog I waste Buddha with my crossbow The only thing that might make this better would be if it was printed out on hard card stock and you it had a miniatures case on the other side of the sheet when you hand it to me for game!

As I wanted to hit a wide range of sheets when I did this I game Savage Worlds a Look, I found this great Fallout Themed Sheet over at The Pot-Luck blog


Now these are all great and work wonderfully for themed games. But what if you are not running a themed game. Is there any hope for you to find a great sheet? Here are just a few. There are just so many great sheets out there to be found don’t settle for just a good sheet. Find yourself a great one!

Like this D&D sheet by Jon Grumph

I think just as is .. the Numenera Sheet is simply perfect for the system and it is a work of art all by itself. The Strange RPG had a very good sheet as well. Sadly I think because of its more Generic nature.. The Cypher System core sheet is sadly generic.. But this!

For some Truely awesome RPG Sheets check out my older blog from RPG a Day Coolest character sheet day 26. HERE.

Please feel free to comment and add more sheets that you love!

Modiphius releases Achtung! Cthulhu Secrets of the DUST crossover.

Dust is a Alternative Dieselpunk World War Two era meha setting. The war never ended as alien technology was discovered as the war was drawing down. The technology was quickly implemented on the battlefield and the war continues to this day.

Achtung! Cthulhu, Well unless you have been hiding under a rock you should know what this gem is. But just in case you have been hiding under a rock. Achtung! Cthulhu is set in World War Two as well. You face off against the Terror of Nazi scientific genius combine with terrifying occult and inhuman conspiracies connections!
Modiphius takes these two settings grabs the savage world rules and mashes them up into something blissfully terrifying! They give us an entirely new twist to the Achtung! Cthulhu setting. With options two adventures, rules for conversion to run VK armor and Walkers in your Achtung! games. As well as a whole crossover Dossier of alternate Historical and Fantastical info. You will have a lot to draw from.

This is on my short buy list as I love Mecha even Dieselpunk and the Dust Minis have always called to me. As well as you can never go wrong with Cthulhu.. Its a match that was just meant to be. With Dust having no mythos, It was an easy fit. Better yet the game is fully compatible with COC 6th and Savage Worlds rules sets. photo-original

Review: Family Affair a Savage Worlds Adventure

Family Affair


Matthew Cutter
Editing by Charles White
Cartography and Layout by Krista White

“Family Affair” is an adventure for 4–6 players using Fabled Environments’ “An
Average Nightclub” map and the Savage Worlds core rules, suitable for an
evening’s play”

Fabled Environments is at it again with another in the blueprint for imagination line of adventures. At first glance you can tell why Fabled Environments was nominated for an Ennie-Award. They have come a long way since the first few adventures they have put out. The layout much like the nominated Cake Walk is good-looking.

The adventure itself is very straight forward and has little in the way of role play options. To counter this GM’s are encouraged to use the Savage World Interlude rules to help solve this issue. This was the first time I have encountered the mention of the interlude rules so I had to go look them up. You can reference them HERE. I find that interludes offer up some very cool RP situations and I could see even adopting something like this into other games I run in the future.  This should offer up some interesting RP as long as the GM is on his toes and finds a few creative places to insert a few of these into the game.

A Family affair is a very straight forwards adventure that can easily be imported into just about any Genre one can think of with little to no alterations. It is simple enough to be thrown into most any existing campaign as a side quest or played as a con game or one shot game. I also thought that this could make a great follow-up or companion adventure to another Fabled Environments adventure from the blueprints for inspiration line Killer Chops.

The Map like all maps that Fabled Environments give us is flat-out awesome. Not only is the map a great one but the adventure makes excellent use of the setting environment as well. The added story touches make the club more than just a map and this is a great added bonus.

Family Affair is easily a relatively straight forward adventure. The only Flaw that I can see in this product is the reliance on Savage Worlds Interludes to impart any Role-play aspects into this game. In the nightclub there are plenty of RP opportunity that could come in a game. I wish some of these ideas would have been mentioned for added RP tips.

My Ranking!:
Blank D20 14Even with my negative of lack of RP suggestions I think this is a very solid adventure. After all when you put players in a bar they will find RP all on their own. The layout is nice and with the Flexibility to place it in any number of settings this is a solid purchase.

Where can I get it ?
As always just click the image and it will whisk you away to DTRPG where you can pick up a copy.