Review: Savage Characters Volume One.

Savage Characters Volume One Savage Characters, Volume 1 By Jim Davenport, Dragonlaird Gaming Review and Advice: Tom Barlow, Allen Bohannon, Chris Daianu, Mark Daymude, James Dugger, Joanna Gilicinski, Mark Gilicinski, Norm Hensley, Simon Lucas, Dave McGuire, Rory McLeod, Josh Minto, Tina Monk, Mark Plemmons, Jeff Rees, Nathan Rockwood, Paul Vogt, Tim Weber Editing: Kate Sedon … Continue reading Review: Savage Characters Volume One.

Savage Worlds Rifts Edition

So well this happened. Wow. I thought to blog this on Wednesday but I was still in shock. There is so much potential here that it boggles the mind. There is a tremendous amount of content to draw from with the Rifts license. What we know so far. Palladium Books announced in their weekly update: … Continue reading Savage Worlds Rifts Edition

Savage Worlds: Winter Eternal Giveaway Winner

Today is the last day to have a chance a free copy of Morne Schapp's Savage worlds Winter Eternal in PDF. On Friday I will announce the winner of the contest. Remember for a chance to win all you have to do is head on over to the review I did HERE and leave a … Continue reading Savage Worlds: Winter Eternal Giveaway Winner

Review: Flawed Dupes

Blueprint for Imagination: Flawed Dupes By  Matthew Cutter Editing and Layout by Charles White A Fabled Environments game     After Nevicata’s radio operator sent out a distress call and rescinded it an hour later, certain listeners with ties to shadowy government agencies got wind of the situation. Calls were made, meetings held. Within 18 hours they … Continue reading Review: Flawed Dupes

Review: Canned Food

Canned Food is  a Savage worlds horror adventure written by Darren Miller. This was one of Fabled Environments adventures from the Blueprint for Imagination contest they recently held. Daren has been a GM at Storm-Con each of the two years we have been running. I think I might have in my hands one of the … Continue reading Review: Canned Food

Review: Cake Walk

Fabled Environments is at it again. I love Charles Whites maps and most anyone that sees will tell you the same. It's just hard to deny their quality. My only wish would be that they were in color. As to date everything they have done has hit a chord with me. Now they seem to … Continue reading Review: Cake Walk