Cool character sheets

The other day I was looking at some awesome character sheets, Decided I wanted to share a few. Here are some sheets that not only look great but remain functional. In some cases like these the character sheet takes your player just a bit deeper into the game. Think of these as player props!

The first on here is a Cypher System RPG sheet done for a Mass Effect game. Done up to look like a data pad. I love this and after I finish up my current games. I might see if my players would be interested in a Mass Effect game. This sheet was made by Tensen01 over at deviantart

Mass Effect Cypher Sheet by Tensen01

This FATE RPG sheet just calls out to the kid in me for Star Wars. I found this over at the blog I waste Buddha with my crossbow The only thing that might make this better would be if it was printed out on hard card stock and you it had a miniatures case on the other side of the sheet when you hand it to me for game!

As I wanted to hit a wide range of sheets when I did this I game Savage Worlds a Look, I found this great Fallout Themed Sheet over at The Pot-Luck blog


Now these are all great and work wonderfully for themed games. But what if you are not running a themed game. Is there any hope for you to find a great sheet? Here are just a few. There are just so many great sheets out there to be found don’t settle for just a good sheet. Find yourself a great one!

Like this D&D sheet by Jon Grumph

I think just as is .. the Numenera Sheet is simply perfect for the system and it is a work of art all by itself. The Strange RPG had a very good sheet as well. Sadly I think because of its more Generic nature.. The Cypher System core sheet is sadly generic.. But this!

For some Truely awesome RPG Sheets check out my older blog from RPG a Day Coolest character sheet day 26. HERE.

Please feel free to comment and add more sheets that you love!


  1. Hi I am developing a pc application that enables you to have a usable character sheet on a laptop desktop and I would like to use the sheet by Jon Grumph above is there any way i can contact Jon to get his permission to use it in my code.

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