Olympus Inc. moves to Indiegogo.

Not too long ago I told you about the Olympus Inc. Kickstater that was going on. Well if you are a fan of Savage Worlds and have followed it at all. You know this poor project has had a bit of rocky road that it has been going down.

Tragically with the one simple mistake the nearly funded project was pulled. That was only the beginning of issues that Fabled Environments would have with Olympus Inc. After a planned relaunch for a project that was on Kickstarter and nearly fully funded. When they set up the relaunch Kickstarter it was denied!  With the most insane answering machine style response of.

“Each project is carefully reviewed to make sure it is suitable for the Kickstarter community. After such review, it has been determined that your project cannot be approved.” Other than links to the Kickstarter Terms of Use and Rules, Kickstarter has offered no other explanation.

So after several attempts to reach someone human at Kickstarter to explain what they did wrong. As vetren content creators with many  Kickstater projects under then belt trying to relaunch a project that was already up once and nearly funded. They found themselves with no reply’s.

So after some consideration and determination Olympus Inc as an indiegogo project. It is a great platform much like Kickstater and I think as long as their Savage Fans know where to look they will do just fine there!  So go check them out!

Olympus Inc

If you do not know or have missed my post in the past about their project and you are a fan of Savage worlds here is a little snip-it of what the world is all about. It’s pretty wild! If you like the small tidbit here go take a look at their page for more details.

The project is live now.


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