Product Mini Review.Snap Sites: Blue Horizons Airlines


Snap Sites is continuing its wonderful system agnostic player prop line collection. Their new product, Blue Horizons provides us with a location that rarely gets much attention to detail in many games, an airliner. Many Storytellers would be surprised that I Think this would be a good Snap Site. As many who run games hand wave air travel or travel in games as nothing more than transition, from one scene to another.
Yet locations like this are great opportunities for character development or discussion about the events taking place in the game. All the while remaining in character. Additionally if and when you do decide to add an encounter into the mix. Anything that takes place on an airliner is automatically going to be a bit more of a nail bitter at ten thousand feet!

So what you get with Blue Horizons is

  • Info about the airline, 8 characters, story twists and a “random odd items” in the luggage table.
  • A form fillable boarding pass
  • Airline magazine cover
  • In-flight menu
  • Printable map of the interior of the plane
  • Printable map of the cargo area of the plane
  • Printable cards of the characters for the GM and players

Taking a deeper look at what you get with Blue Horizons Airlines. We 8 character cards with a brief snippet of background, personality and what they are doing on the airliner. The 8 twists provide you with a fun  set of trope story options for running one-shot games while the flight is underway. The Random odd item table has a few interesting things on it that could move a plot in some rather creative ways.

The Magazine cover might have been a touch more useful if like the books they have done in the past form fillable or have several cover options. I found the in-flight menu a nice touch. And the plane interior is useful for when you intend to have anything go down while you’re flying the friendly skies.

But the form fillable Boarding Pass is the icing on this cake. Since with the tap of a few keys send your players anywhere. Who knows, maybe because your players always fly Blue Horizon you will be able to develop other plot lines or a bigger picture as to why adventures use the big Blue? Lastly, I wanted to point my readers in the direction of two RPG products that you could use this Snap Site with to add an extra personal touch to already great products.

So if you want to pick up Snape Sites Blue Horizon Airlines you can find it Here.





138649There is a great scene that takes place on a plane in this Mote Cook Games adventure for The Strange RPG that could be taken a bit further when used in combination with this product and their own Estate Dossiers. Together you would really raise the bar high on this already awesome introductory adventure!

You can get the Eschatology Code Here.

You can find the Estate Dossiers Here.



141208The other adventure that I think could benefit from this Site is the Savage Worlds Canned Food. As the entire story basically takes place on a plane why not add some props to make the game all that much better!

You can find Canned Food Here.






Product Mini Review: Fabled Environments Modern Floorplans “Average Modern Streetscapes”


Modern Floorplans

“Average modern Streetscapes”

By Charles and Krista White

After putting out several other projects Fabled Environments dips back into the well where they started and pulls forth a whole new set of maps. Frankly, I was surprised when I learned that after all of the great buildings and projects that Fabled Environments has put out to date that they have not given us streets sooner. With this map set, we could now just about lay out an entire town with FE products.

This product gives us three three new maps:

Professional- Lynette Group, Adnap Memorial Garden (alternate build), The Provincial Hotel, Concentrix

Commercial-Blanco Drugs, Stixx Pool Hall, St. Michael’s Pub, Ivory Note Lounge Jazz Club, Bytes Cybercafe, Flippin’ Out-Fast Food Restaurant

Residential- Farm House from Working Farm, The Marguerette Apartments


One great thing that was done to further bring all the maps in the FE line together like I mentioned above.

Each Streetscape uses one of the Fabled Environments existing floorplans and provides a portion of that floorplan in the Streetscape. This makes it easy to shift between the street and the structure

Fabled Environments makes use of toggled layers to provide you with the ability to have a more personal level of control over how you want to present your maps to your players. So you don’t want to have a “Blanco Drugs” on the corner ? Remove the text layer and that problem is solved. Or maybe there is a Blanco Drugs on the corner of every street in your game world. Maybe there is something more to Blanco Drugs? It’s in your hands.

If you already own any Fabled Environments maps I highly recommend picking this product up to add it to your collection. It is not their most creative or detailed map set to date. But it likely could prove to be one of the most often used maps in the line depending on how you use them.

Where can I get it ?

Click on the link below and hop on over to DTRPG and pick it up today.


maxresdefault (3)




Olympus Inc. moves to Indiegogo.

Not too long ago I told you about the Olympus Inc. Kickstater that was going on. Well if you are a fan of Savage Worlds and have followed it at all. You know this poor project has had a bit of rocky road that it has been going down.

Tragically with the one simple mistake the nearly funded project was pulled. That was only the beginning of issues that Fabled Environments would have with Olympus Inc. After a planned relaunch for a project that was on Kickstarter and nearly fully funded. When they set up the relaunch Kickstarter it was denied!  With the most insane answering machine style response of.

“Each project is carefully reviewed to make sure it is suitable for the Kickstarter community. After such review, it has been determined that your project cannot be approved.” Other than links to the Kickstarter Terms of Use and Rules, Kickstarter has offered no other explanation.

So after several attempts to reach someone human at Kickstarter to explain what they did wrong. As vetren content creators with many  Kickstater projects under then belt trying to relaunch a project that was already up once and nearly funded. They found themselves with no reply’s.

So after some consideration and determination Olympus Inc as an indiegogo project. It is a great platform much like Kickstater and I think as long as their Savage Fans know where to look they will do just fine there!  So go check them out!

Olympus Inc

If you do not know or have missed my post in the past about their project and you are a fan of Savage worlds here is a little snip-it of what the world is all about. It’s pretty wild! If you like the small tidbit here go take a look at their page for more details.

The project is live now.


Review: Family Affair a Savage Worlds Adventure

Family Affair


Matthew Cutter
Editing by Charles White
Cartography and Layout by Krista White

“Family Affair” is an adventure for 4–6 players using Fabled Environments’ “An
Average Nightclub” map and the Savage Worlds core rules, suitable for an
evening’s play”

Fabled Environments is at it again with another in the blueprint for imagination line of adventures. At first glance you can tell why Fabled Environments was nominated for an Ennie-Award. They have come a long way since the first few adventures they have put out. The layout much like the nominated Cake Walk is good-looking.

The adventure itself is very straight forward and has little in the way of role play options. To counter this GM’s are encouraged to use the Savage World Interlude rules to help solve this issue. This was the first time I have encountered the mention of the interlude rules so I had to go look them up. You can reference them HERE. I find that interludes offer up some very cool RP situations and I could see even adopting something like this into other games I run in the future.  This should offer up some interesting RP as long as the GM is on his toes and finds a few creative places to insert a few of these into the game.

A Family affair is a very straight forwards adventure that can easily be imported into just about any Genre one can think of with little to no alterations. It is simple enough to be thrown into most any existing campaign as a side quest or played as a con game or one shot game. I also thought that this could make a great follow-up or companion adventure to another Fabled Environments adventure from the blueprints for inspiration line Killer Chops.

The Map like all maps that Fabled Environments give us is flat-out awesome. Not only is the map a great one but the adventure makes excellent use of the setting environment as well. The added story touches make the club more than just a map and this is a great added bonus.

Family Affair is easily a relatively straight forward adventure. The only Flaw that I can see in this product is the reliance on Savage Worlds Interludes to impart any Role-play aspects into this game. In the nightclub there are plenty of RP opportunity that could come in a game. I wish some of these ideas would have been mentioned for added RP tips.

My Ranking!:
Blank D20 14Even with my negative of lack of RP suggestions I think this is a very solid adventure. After all when you put players in a bar they will find RP all on their own. The layout is nice and with the Flexibility to place it in any number of settings this is a solid purchase.

Where can I get it ?
As always just click the image and it will whisk you away to DTRPG where you can pick up a copy.


Blueprint for Imagination!

My Friend Charles White is having his first contest. And its a cool one. Blueprints for Imagination. From 10/15/ to 11/15/14 the contest will run. So what is the contest. Develop a one-sheet style adventure based around any of the Fabled Environments maps! Have you wanted to get your name out there in the RPG world ? Well here is your chance.  Not much more to say about this, I am off to look at their map collection and start my first plot !
The good stuff.
Top three adventures get Prizes !

The Details
You can find them over here :