Kickstarter Launch: Savage Rifts

Way back in a day in my early blogging I made a post of what game I would love to get a facelift. I chose Rifts ! So you can imagine how excited I was that Savage Worlds come along and get the nod  on this project.

So here we are,


Has is going .. Savage.

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And they have launched their Kickstarter today! Looking to get 8,000 they have already crushed their goal and are not looking to stop anytime soon. As of this blog they are coasting their way to 60K ! One of the best features of this game product is that it is in the final stages of development already with the delivery date of June!

In the days where most people have to wait for months and months for the Kickstarter rewards the turnaround time on this project is going to be unreal as long as everything goes to plan.

So what are we looking at with this project ?


• Iconic Frameworks: A powerful tool in character creation that quickly establishes the powerful and popular concepts from the original setting. Iconic Frameworks “front-load” the abilities, equipment, and powers of such famous character types as the Glitter Boy, Ley Line Walker, and Juicer, while also allowing every other idea to come into play on par with these giants. 

• The World of Rifts®: Plenty of foundation information about the world of this incredible setting, with a focus on North America. Factions, historical events, and the current state of things for the heroes and people struggling to survive in a post-post-apocalyptic world. 

• The Tomorrow Legion: A new organization in the war-torn lands of North America, the Tomorrow Legion protects Castle Refuge while struggling to help others build a better world. Can the Legion stand against the titanic threats of the Coalition States and the Federation of Magic? 

• Edges & Hindrances: Plenty of new options to further define your hero in this world of infinite possibilities, including new Iconic Edges that enhance the foundation of your concept. 

• Equipment: Cybernetics, vehicles, weapons, body armor, powered armor, and robot armor—incredible, sophisticated technology to enhance survival and ensure victory in the war for the future.

• Magic & Psionics: Arcane Backgrounds cranked to 11 with Mega Trappings and Master Psionic Powers, and new powers to master a world gone mad. 

• Mercenaries & Monsters: From Coalition UAR-1 Enforcers to Murder Wraiths, Daemonix to Xiticix, and Splugorth Slavers to gargantuan monsters from Rifts®, the heroes of this world won’t lack foes to challenge them.

 • Adventure Generator: The Tomorrow Legion patrols the world in search of those who need help. These tables help the Game Master quickly come up with scenarios and encounters to challenge her heroes!

• The Randomness of Rifts®: Numerous tables and rules for dealing with the infinite possibilities of these holes in space/time. Ley line storm effects, random monsters from beyond, and the countless places your heroes might travel are covered.

What books will you get ? 

The Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide

• Iconic Frameworks for many classic Rifts® character concepts—Combat Cyborgs, Crazies, Headhunters, Mystics, Operators, Rogue Scientists, Techno-Wizards, and many more!

• New Edges & Hindrances

• Setting Rules such as Blaze of Glory, Technical Difficulties, and a special Death & Defeat chart.

• Lots of new equipment including weapons, armor, and cybernetics.

Expanded magic and psionics, including Mega Trappings and Master Psionic powers.

Game Master’s Handbook

• The world of Rifts® Earth, circa 109 PA and the aftermath of the Siege of Tolkeen. Including important information about key factions like the Coalition States, the Federation of Magic, the Pecos Empire, and more.

• The Tomorrow Legion, including a description of Castle Refuge, the key leaders and players, and the structure of the organization.

• A dynamic adventure generator opens countless opportunities for adventure and challenge, such as when traveling the lands of Rifts® North America.

• Rules and tables for dealing with the infinite possibilities of ley lines and rifts, including how a powerful arcane caster might actually use and manipulate one of these powerful nexus points.

• Important and useful advice for Game Masters in running the high-powered characters and adventures they will face in this gonzo, amazing setting.

Savage Foes of North America

Information on major opposition forces like the Coalition, Federation of Magic, Black Market, Pecos Empire, Xiticix, and more.

Forces and war machines of the Coalition.

Powerful and mysterious foes from the Federation of Magic.

Supernatural and monstrous enemies that terrorize the lands of North America.

Tables for creating random creatures and even hordes of monsters coming from anywhere in the Megaverse™ through the Rifts®.

So get out there and back this sucker if you have been a lifelong rifts fan like me!

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