Dragonlance Classics Volume I (2e)

17370-thumb140Publisher: Wizards of the Coast

Pages: 128
Link: Dragonlance Classics Volume I (2e)



Calling all Dragonlance saga heroes!


At long last, the first four Dragonlance modules are back.

Together for the first time, play the entire adventure of the first book of the Dragonlance saga!

Starting from the Inn of the Last Home in Solace, journey throughout the lands of Ansalon and defy the evil that threatens to overwhelm an entire continent. Explore the Lost City of Xak Tsaroth, defeat the mighty black dragon Khisanth, and recover the Crystal Staff of Mishakal. Penetrate the fastness of Pax Tharkas and face the evil Verminaard and the red dragon Ember. Can you survive the dangers of Skullcap, hounded by the undead minions of the wizard Fistandantilus?

Your journey, should you survive that far eventually takes you to the subterranean wonders of Thorbardin, the kingdom of the dwarves. What waits for you there is known only to those who dwell within!

The immense, world-sweeping Dragonlance saga awaits you. Answer the call to save the world of Krynn from the threat of ultimate evil!

An epic adventure for 3rd- to 8th-level characters.


Shadows of the Dusk Queen for 5th Edition


Publisher: Kobold Press
Pages: 36

Link: Shadows of the Dusk Queen
Includes a 12-page art and map appendix to speed play; heavily illustrated.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Before you is a dark forest with trees rising as much as a hundred feet into the air. Foreboding and sorrow seem to emanate from within. Occasionally, shadowy creatures are glimpsed moving among the trees. Slow, plaintive howls echo among the dark branches as a cool wind begins to blow as if whispering barely discernible words…

“She has returned. She has returned. She has returned.”


Shadows of the Dusk Queen is a 5th Edition adventure for 8th-level characters that take players deep into a forest out of a dark fairy tale, where a long-imprisoned fey queen has returned – and evil creatures are stirring.

Featuring full-color art by Brian Syme, Shadows of the Dusk Queen is great for groups who love dark fantasy adventure, or for GMs looking to shake things up by bringing a little fear to the table.

The whispers are getting louder. Do you dare take the forest path, and learn the secrets of the Dusk Queen?


Review: Spy Master RPG by CM games


Spy Master

By: CM Games Author(s)
SymattCarl Matthews
Rules System: System 21
Page Count: 79
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PDF Cost: $9.95
Soft Cover Cost: $29.99 (currently On sale for $19.95)

Spymaster RPG
Recently I have had the pleasure of being given a copy of the RPG Spy Master to read.  It was given to me for review and at the time I had a lot on my plate between a convention, the holidays and real-life work and out of state visitors. I politely informed Symatt that it would take me a little time to get to the review and it definitely did.

Straight off I can tell you, my readers, Spy Master was more than worth the wait. I am glad that I sat down to read this book when I had the time to fully take it in for what it is and I totally enjoy it and what it brings to the table!

Spy Master is a rules-light setting where you are playing International spies. Right off the bat, this caught my eye as I do enjoy some good spy games antics. Yet sadly, often they are bogged down with too much crunch to enjoy. Refreshingly, this is where Spy Master stands out from the crowd!

Spy Master is at its heart a love letter to the James Bond era of suit wearing, casino royale backdrops of cash guns and high stakes adventure. Spy Master thrives in a world where your so good you not only confront the bad guy at his own party, you sit down with him over drinks and tell him just how you are going to take him down to his face over a game of cards.

How is it played?

Well, the absolute best possible way that a 1970s spy movie game could ever be played that’s how WITH CARDS! You read that right, In Spy Master, if you want to complete a task in the game you’re playing Black Jack against the Director (GM) that is some awesome shit right there! Honestly, I tweeted out when I first saw the cover of the game that if this game did not play with cards I was going to be heartbroken.

Spy Master characters have 4 Attributes Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs & Spades each represents something different in the game.

  • Diamonds: All Intellect skills
  • Hearts: All Emotional Skills
  • Clubs: All Physical Skills
  • Spades: All Dexterity Skills


When you make your agent you simply draw 5 cards and place the best 4 where you wish. These are assigned they are the base card in any task you attempt in the game. So if you have a 10 in Clubs. Before you draw any cards you always will have a 10 base skill in physical tasks.

Agents also have 4 chips! During a scene, a player can opt to throw a chip and discard a card that they have drawn and draw a new card to replace it in their hand. Each scene these chips refresh. You can only cash in chips once per card but you can spend as many chips as you like during a hand or scene.

Agents (players/Main Characters) have 21 health. All other Thugs (minions) have the value of the card they draw in health.

Setting the Scene

The Cards handle all the heavy lifting in the game from assisting in setting the scenes and how everything from bribery to fisticuffs is resolved. Yet the understanding that not every action needs to be a game of Black Jack between the Director and the player’s Spy Master also makes use of Static Difficulties to keep the pace of the game moving. At any time the Director can instead set a static target that they players simply need to draw against to complete a task. This is a great tool to keep the pace of the game going between dramatic moments at the table I think.

My Thoughts

This book could easily have been only 10-15 pages of content and still been very good. One of the reasons why this product is very good is because of its length. At 79 pages The team took their time giving plenty of detailed example of gameplay for many aspects of the game. This is tremendously helpful. It hand delivers the game feel of Spy Master to the reader so you can fully understand what they are giving you beyond just, Hey here is an RPG that uses Black Jack instead of D20’s.

The last half of the book walk Directors through writing adventures in the Spy Master setting with plenty of tables and even more examples to help you along the way. Much of the content in these pages of the book is ripe to be minded for just about any modern game. A lot of thought went into what is presented to the reader. The book wraps up with a sample adventure, examples of SOLO play, leveling up and how to use Dice if your too stubborn to use cards.

Runkles Ranking

It has been a long time since I have been this impressed by a DTRPG product sent to me out of the blue and I have had many sent to me in the 4 years I have been writing these reviews. I love the feel of this setting and system. While I am not sure how well it would hold up to extended gameplay in part due to its rules-light system. I love it for its rules-light system!

D20 #17I am going to give it a 17! It is an Outstanding product,  Any product with a rank of 16-19 is a cut above the rest. These are must-have products. Often products of this level strike a chord with their audience and Spy Master will hit that sweet spot for Bond loving Spy gamers. The book is an easy read & page-turners that you find yourself reading from beginning to end.

If you are a fan of rules-light systems, Spys and Black Jack. You would be a fool not to give Spy Master a Try!







Mini Review: Savage Worlds Mutation Deck

So while back Just Insert Imagination put out an awesome product that they had put a lot of time and effort into. The result is a good looking versatile deck that in my opinion has to be seen in print to fully appreciate. The mutation theme fits will with the look of most any Post Apocalypse setting and was very well timed with the release of the Savage Worlds Rifts Setting.

I have had this PDF for awhile now and its has honestly taken me a while to get around to punching out a review of this product. So why has it taken so long to get around to doing this piece? Well, that answer is two-fold.

First off I wanted to print out a set of the cards and have them in hand. Sadly I ran into several complications between my personal printer not printing a good set. This is more a fact that I am in dire need of a printer upgrade and has nothing to do with the quality of the product. That said if you do not buy the cards themselves. Nor do you have a nice printer, Take the time and run out to your local Staples and print a set of these cards out. You will be doing yourself an injustice not too.

Secondly, I had been asked by Just Inset to Give their cards a review and I wanted to write up an honest review. The guys at Just Insert Imagination send be products because they know that I will be honest and tell you, my readers if there were issues I find with a product. I highly respect that we have a relationship like that. So I waited till I could get a decent print of the cards in my hand before I began the review.

In that time I looked at other reviews and blog posts about the Mutation Deck. And then I stumbled on a blog that blew me away about these cards. That blog can be found Here.
The Thing is I will say up front this blog was written by the Designer of the deck. BUT Wow.. after reading his blog I look at these cards in a whole new light.

There are a few things I can add about the cool way you can use this deck after reading this. But there are a few things that I can add.They look and feel a part of the wasteland. They look of wear is a great touch.The Each of the suites is themed, this goes back to the blog the designer posted. Every card has an ability, Disadvantage or Advantage except the Jokers. The Jokers each have a Wilde Mutation.

To sum all this up, go read the designers blog about all of the awesome uses you can bring to the table with these cards other than just tracking initiative ! Do yourself a favor and pick up the Print on Demand version of these cards!

Head on over to DTRPG and get your Deck Now. Click on the image below to head on over to DTRPG. Or click HERE

Just Insert Imagination Mini Review: Size Matters.

 Can’t run your usual game, running a Con game or looking for something short to introduce new players? Just Insert Imagination has you covered.

190529Size Matters is a for the whole family, sandbox adventure for Savage Worlds. Six people are shrunk to 1 inch tall in a laboratory accident. Can they reach help? Can they survive in a world of giants? Or will their tiny skeletons end up forgotten in an air vent or crack in the floor?

In the document (that is designed to fit inside a GM screen) you will find:

  • setting rules
  • twists and complications to use
  • bestiary
  • 6 pre-generated characters and character sheets
  • a blank character sheet to create your own character
  • 5 battle-maps
  • printable cards with size comparisons
  • a map of level five
  • figure flats
Man, I have have been looking forward to putting my thoughts down on this new product from Just Insert Imagination. Size Maters is done in the format of their Snap Sites modules they have put out in the past. So you know up front what to expect.

The theme here is just like the picture shows. In the vein of “Honey, I shrunk the kids!” and “The incredible shrinking Man/Woman” or the Littles. your players are either tiny people or become tiny people for one reason or another.

The layout as I said is much like the layout of their previous snap sites adventures like Fuggedaboutit. One of the things I love in this adventure is the size comparisons that are dropped into the background to help give the GM a sense of scale that he can better convey it to the players.
We’re now a quarter of an inch tall, and sixty-four feet from the house. That’s an equivalent of three-point-two miles. That’s a long way. Even for a man of science. – Nick, Honey, I shrunk the kids
They show a player standing up a pen, that is well over twice as tall as the player. And a silhouette of an actual one-inch man to help bring the fact of how small the players have become home. The Gist of this adventure is plain and simple, the players are all together in one room and become shrunk to the size of an RPG mini. There is nothing to do but find help. But the only help is at the other end of the building. Only 50 or so feet away, ONLY.

The adventure like all other Just Insert Imaginations products is made for Savage Worlds and designed for one-shot or convention play. It comes with a nice set of NPC’s and some pretty cool maps and cards. I love the size comparison hand out. Showing the size of the players compared to every creature detailed in the adventure.

I am not normally a fan of figure flats but I think just because this is a game where “Size Maters” I am very pleased that they were included in this product. And I know that If I run this I most definitely would use them unless I had enough time in advance to find toys or minis to properly represent them at the table.

The map for this product is super basic. It is nothing more than a standard you are here sign you would find in most any building or mall. At first, I was very disappointed in it. But in time the irony grew on me that in a modern day world that is about all your going to get out of a modern building map. Even with my Ding on their You Are Here map they make up for it in the combat maps they provide. I personally found the computer desktop battle map an excellent idea.

Size Maters also comes with a bestiary of critters one might encounter in the lab. Everything from lab rats to roaches. As well as the surprise bird if the players manage to find themselves outside for some crazy reason! This is a welcome little asset for any GM to have on hand when running a game like this.
Lastly,the character sheets are PRICELESS for this. I got a huge giggle out of them. If you are going to run this as a one-shot or a con game I strongly urge you to use these sheets for your game. The guys thought ahead and even made a PC blank sheet for groups that would prefer to make their own characters.

Overall my thoughts on Size Maters is this is a solid purchase! There are enough ideas here that you could have this adventure take place in several different locations and all of them would prove fun and virtually all the critters listed here could still be used.

Winter Eternal Adventure Guide Review.


The wastelands are dangerous and offer the unprepared a horrible death only. For those brave (or crazy) enough to travel the wastes in an ice suit, this Winter Eternal adventure guide focuses on what lies outside the warm and safe cities.

The book offers information on new locations, plot hooks and adventure ideas. There are new monsters in the bestiary and new gear for explorers to use. Then there is a wonderful and exciting Savage Tale to help start an adventure into the wastelands, or to challenge more seasoned explorers. 
If you think it is only the cold that could end your life out in the wastelands, you are very much mistaken. With the adventure guide you can at least prepare a bit more, before heading out to look for riches and mysteries from a time long forgotten.
 Winter Eternal Adventure Guide: The Wastelands by Morné Schaap & Eric Lamoureux Cover: Lord Zsezse Works, Morné Schaap
Layout: Morné Schaap & Anton Vermeulen
Interior art: Nathan Anderson, Jacob Blackmon, Gary Dupuis, Simon Powel, Morné Schaap, Anton Vermeulen
Proofing & invaluable help and advice: Hans Bothe, Wulfgar
Ice suit design: Anton Vermeulen
Pages 45 
Last  year I reviewed the great new and original Savage Worlds setting Winter Eternal. So I looked forward to cracking this book open and getting a look inside the setting nearly a year later. I was not disappointed.

13010743_1009955932407916_7363319234404938000_nRight out the gate it becomes obvious that they wanted to remind you of the cold harsh world that is Winter Eternal with a brutal little short story. and this wonderful piece of art! In my review the main book I had dinged them for some of their artwork choices having pulled me out of the setting.This book gets all the praise! How can you not think about a frozen danger-filled wasteland when you look at this! I love it.

In my review the main book I had dinged them for some of their artwork choices having pulled me out of the setting.This book gets all the praise! How can you not think about a frozen danger-filled wasteland when you look at this! I love it.

The book is 45 pages but it is packed with info and sidebars. A lot of thought went into this book. Immediately after the short story and the nice piece of art, we delve right into the heart of the dangers of adventuring in this dying earth.

The dangers of the wasteland are many and the book does a good job at addressing a few of them. Everything from Super Blizzards to Avalanches! As well the affects the outside as on your gear and supplies. This is a brutal land and as you read the chapter on the outside if the danger of the environment alone has not fully sunk in just skip ahead to the bestiary.

The gear section is small but more than adequate at providing cold based gear that a player might need to help him survive in this world. As well as a new Hinderance and a great new language for the setting that makes perfect sense.

I was very happy to see the Dangerous places people and plot hook section. After the bestiary, the book has a sizable adventure. In a game like this, that goes to such an extreme. It is very helpful to have a good number of ideas and suggestions from the creator to get  your own juices flowing about how you want to bring this world to life at your own table.

Runkles Ranking

You really get the feel of the world from one product. The layout and art are nice and help to draw you into the world. In 45 pages I got a much better idea of what life outside of the city is like in winter eternal and why you would leave them. The book is well done and you will find a ton of useful stuff in this book.

I only wish we would have gotten a few more Edges and Hinderances. Since this setting has come out that is the one thing I have heard a few others say as well. That said, new Hinderances and Edges are hard to come up with when you have a sea of savage world content out there to draw from that you can use. So it’s not that big of an issue.

D20 #15Runkles Raking for this product is a 15.

Well Above Average: Once products reach this level of rating they are sure buys. With scores of this level, they are stand out’s products. Often these products fill niche genre’s and make good go to products in most game collections.

If you are running this system this book will be of great use to you.



Where can you get it ?

Simply follow the link or click the image and this book can be yours!




If you have not checked out my review of Winter Eternal you can find it HERE>

You can also purchase Winter Eternal by click these links.







Cypher System Creator Live!

Last Thursday Monty Cook Games launched the Cypher System Creator program. Heading the call of their fans when they put the question to the community in their last Kickstarter. We asked and MCG listened, Now with the CSC you can bring your own content to the world of DTRPG!

The Cypher System Creator program at DriveThruRPG lets Cypher System fans and third-party publishers release products, large or small, for the Cypher System. And it gives fans and players a vibrant new marketplace for Cypher System compatible products. Find (or publish!) all sorts of great content, including:

  • Adventures
  • Settings
  • Character descriptors, foci, and other options
  • Cyphers and other items
  • Creatures and NPCs
  • And anything else our creative Cypher System community comes up with!

For a full run down on and some tools look HERE.