Fuhgeddaboutit! Mini Review

Just insert imagination back with a new mini product. In the same vein as the Snap Site style, this time, we are getting an adventure. So what do we get with Fuhgeddaboutit? Well right out the gate this is what is included.

In the document (that is designed to fit inside a GM screen) you will find:

  • setting rules
  • twists and complications to use
  • NPC’s
  • 5 pre-generated characters
  • a blank character sheet to create your own mobster’s
  • 3 maps
  • printable

Some differences between this product and the Snap Sites to begin with is that this is an adventure. Not a location set, I reference Snap Sites in this mini review because it is done in the same fashion. Several maps, Pre-Gens, Complication’s and Twists, NPC and page count and layout are all very much the same as their previous products. In no way is this a bad thing as the Snap Site style is simple well laid out and easy to read.

Also, in this case, a player could insert these pages into a GM screen and have the full adventure laid out for them to reference. This is a HUGE plus factor for a quick format game that you might be running impromptu or at a convention.

Much like Snap Sites the product is small but detailed. and packed with content. Weighing in 7 pages you get a nice cover page that you could use as a GM insert for the front of your screen on game day. Page two covers your setting and some background info for the adventure. Page three is Scenes, Twists & complications giving you several very good options of things to keep your players on their toes. Page 4 is got some great  tidbits of info, player secrets and mob speak as well as some music suggestions for setting the mood. Page 5 is Gm info including Vehicle’s and NPC’s the players are likely to encounter during the adventure. Page 6 is the synopsis of the Pregen’s with a full write-up and background for each of them. The last page is an AD of previous projects.

The three provided maps are not nearly the level of quality of Snap Site map’s. But they are still decent and provide you with the visuals of where things are in the adventure.


Runkles Ranking

D20 #11-14Overall another solid project by the Just Insert Imagination crew. Well worth the cash if you are looking for a convention or one-shot game at the at the last moment. Well written and presented in a creative fashion with the intent of just slipping the pages into a GM Screen and going. These things keep this adventure as an above average value for me.
You can find Fuhgeddaboutit! Here.


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