Hook of the Day

Shipping and Receving

The adventures are contracted to deliver a shipment. The pay is great but the route is dangerous and the time frame he needs the package delivered in is tight. The package is sizable and so is the fee for care and delivery of the product unopened, undamaged and in a timely fashion. The players are… Continue reading Shipping and Receving

Table Topics

New players

Fresh meat, noob, newbie and nub to touch on a few. The fact is at some point we have all been there. We were all "That Guy" once. The first thing we have to remind ourselves when we bring a new player into our group is they want to learn and for some reason they… Continue reading New players

Hook of the Day

A Plague of Goblins upon thee !

This Side Trek is sent out to you with the Holiday in mind (a complete ripoff made with love). Your party finds themselves in the sleepy town of King's Falls. The first snows have fallen and the impending threat of a blizzard has snowed the players in until the weather lets up. As this is going… Continue reading A Plague of Goblins upon thee !

Hook of the Day

You’re our only hope

A NPC that the players are familiar with approaches them in the village, after they return from their latest adventure. This normally would not be odd, save the fact that this is not the village this man is from and he is a long way from home. He looks haggard, road weary and hungry. It… Continue reading You’re our only hope

Hook of the Day

Priced to Move

This side story is best played when the adventures find themselves in a city. When the player's head to the market place of supplies and to shop they come across a corner establishment on the edge of the market. The merchant is quite pleasant and has a wide selection of wears mundane and magical in… Continue reading Priced to Move

Hook of the Day

The road is a dangerous place

This encounter takes place during the day as the party is traveling on the road in a wooded or hilly terrain. As the party is nearing a bend in the road a half crazed mule pulling a wagon storms into view.  The driver is slumped over in the bench reigns still in hand. The wagon… Continue reading The road is a dangerous place

Hook of the Day

The Fix

Its festival season and the party is enjoying some well earned Rest and relaxation. Over the course of the day one of the knights is the apparent stand out in the crowd. He is well on his way to sweeping the whole event and taking first prize. It's  about mid day and your returning from… Continue reading The Fix