Breaking Base.

I felt that a bit of a Sci-Fi bug nipping at me so this weeks Side Trek Hooks will be Sci-Fi and Post Apocalypse related. Enjoy !
So today Star Wars !

A long time ago,
In a galaxy far far away….

After Endor
Breaking Base

With the destruction of the Death Star the Empire tightens it grip to a strangle
hold on the outer systems under their hold. With eyes and ears in nearly every corner of the galaxy its getting very hard to be a Rebel these days…

The swamp planet of Garic IV has a new Imperial listening post that has become fully operational. This proves a tremendous problem to the republic as it’s scans cover a primary supply shipping lane for the rebellion. With a major shipment in route the party has just days find a way to bring down the sensors at Garic IV or the Rebel supply convoy will be detected in route to their destination revealing the location of the Rebels major base in this sector.
To complicate matters the players can not just blow the site from orbit. This would draw as much attention to this area of space as if the convoy had been detected. The party is going to need to get in get out leaving the facility down for as long as possible all the while hoping not to get caught. All the while being right under the imperials noses.

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