You’re our only hope

A NPC that the players are familiar with approaches them in the village, after they return from their latest adventure. This normally would not be odd, save the fact that this is not the village this man is from and he is a long way from home. He looks haggard, road weary and hungry. It is plain he in need of the party’s assistance.
After calming the villager down and getting him some food, he relays his story to the party. About a week back one of the local villagers went missing. He was feared dead. The towns folk put together a search party and thankfully the villager was found injured but alive. They brought him home and he had been on the mend. All seemed normal until your friend stumbled on the corpse of the man they found.
He rushed back to town to inform the rest of the townsfolk but as he passed through the front gate he saw his dead neighbor having a conversation in hushed tones in the back ally with two other townsfolk.
Not knowing what to do he left and sought your party out in hopes you can save his people once more.

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