Orc’s for Dinner ?

This side trek takes place over the course of three days while traveling through a valley. While on the road traveling through a valley the party finds themselves being followed at a distance by Orc’s ridding Worg’s. If the players attempt to close with the Orc’s they ride away before ever reaching combat range. If they set up an ambush the Orc’s do not fall for the bait they keep their distance.

On the second day the Orc’s no longer trail the party. If the players stay on the lookout of the Orc’s, signs of them can be seen but they never show themselves to the travelers this day. On the eve of the second day the party comes across an Inn with a Farm and Barn along the side of the road. There are three buildings here. The two-story Inn with a brick first floor that is a Bar. The farmhouse is a large Ranch house and the outlying Barn. They welcome the travelers with open arms full glasses and hot food if they have the coin for it. They are willing to draw hot baths for the road weary and their rooms are a slight on the steep side but well worth the coin. A handful of farmers from the area are here tonight. 

hours after the sun as set and the drinks are flowing a panic-stricken man bursts through the front door of the Inn. He is mortally wounded and as he collapses he mutters the word .. “Orc’s” with his dying breath. As the man dies the howl of Worg’s fills the air from all around. The Orc raiding party with send waves of attackers against the Inn over the course of the night. If they are repelled they will set fire to the Ranch house or Barn in an attempt to draw the adventures into the open where the words and archers will have the advantage.  This game of chess will go on long into the night. An hour before sunrise the slip away into the remaining night.


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