New players

Fresh meat, noob, newbie and nub to touch on a few. The fact is at some point we have all been there. We were all “That Guy” once.

The first thing we have to remind ourselves when we bring a new player into our group is they want to learn and for some reason they picked you. Show them respect for stepping up and letting you teach them the ins and outs of the game you love. This will go a long way to building a level of trust between your new player. As his GM trust is too important not to have built from the start. It’s like first impressions you never get a second chance to establish it.

Some things to consider when you bring a new player into your game group.
Where do you play? This to some may not seem like that big of an issue. But if you play at your home or a friend’s home and not a game store this issue could be even more problematic than the newness of your player by alone. Many of the factors here range from simple things like helping the player find the house you game at.
Am I comfortable with this a guy being in my home around my wife and kids. Maybe he’s a great guy but a smoker. Maybe you have children
and he swears a lot. So finding a new player is often more than just FINDING that player. Its finding a player and then feeling them out to be sure they will mesh with you your players and anyone that you come into regular contact with during your game sessions.
Granted as before if you play at a game table at your local hobby store much of the above sorts itself out being eliminated from the equation.

Treat your new players with the respect you would like others to treat you with and promote an environment that will speed the understanding of the game for your new player. I am not implying you hand hold this person every step of the way until he cuts his teeth on his first game. What I am getting at is maybe it’s not the best idea to invite your fresh new gamer to the epic level 4E D&D game night. Your setting him, your players and you up for a bad night in a case like this. In this example maybe it would be better to run a few one shots of 4E with first level Players to help him begin to grasp the basic concept’s. Or if he’s way new to RPG’s all together perhaps call for a board game night and introduce him to Castle Ravenloft or Wrath of Ashardalon. So he can see some of the 4E mechanics in action that way.

Easing your new players into the game in the long run will be best for everyone. There will be much less book and rules searching and questions to handle. Your new player with begin feeling confident and comfortable with the game and he can take his time focusing on the game not the rules.

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